Monday 16 February 2015

From 1 Angry Bird To Another Angry Bird !

              The New Generation Of Blood Glucose Meters.

                                  MODZ BLOOD GLUCOSE METER.

Captured and sent to the one who watches.



Mum no longer needs to ask if I have tested my blood glucose level etc.
























Press Release.

"The world’s first motivational monitor reminds the child to measure and most importantly help them to keep consistent with it - the crucial action they must do several times every day. As we know, the development of non-invasive measuring methods look promising, but they still cannot replace the importance of a blood sample, especially for kids."

"In addition of being cool and motivating, Modz is the embodiment of the eHealth buzzword. It automatically sends the measuring results in real-time to a cell phone either by SMS or email, and to a designated cloud service on the Internet. All test results and the carbohydrate contents of meals, insulin dosages as well as sports exercises will be stored there. It’s the ultimate automatic electronic diabetes diary always available. It connects effortlessly the diabetic and their family with the healthcare team.

Modz also gamifies the experience of living with diabetes by featuring a touchscreen interface full of Rovio's Angry Birds characters, whose colours correspond to the child's blood glucose levels. The device features four levels, and users are awarded points for good test results, which allow them to progress up the levels."


My thoughts:

I have to say, when I was approached to write a review on a new style blood glucose meter aimed at children. I laughed aloud when I heard that it was based on the "Angry Birds". As Claudia can often appear and be described as an angry bird herself. Especially when her blood glucose levels are lower or higher than desired.

The meter was officially launched with a press release on the 10th February 2015.
Claudia's meter arrived several days later.
It's colourful, funky and is a refreshing change from the conventional meters that may appear bland and predictable. Claudia will often just look at them and say "is that it" very disheartening when you have spent a substantial time filling in an on line form.  To be honest 7 years in we needed a meter that embraced the technology that is "The Cloud" I know it is being utilised in so many other areas so why not blood glucose meters.
I am not a technical expert! I am an average mum trying to control and manage the beast that is T1 diabetes. This is reflected in the style of review I have written.

On a more emotional note:

When Claudia was diagnosed aged 7 in DKA our life changed forever. I will never forget that gut wrenching feeling seeing her with tubes every where. Claudia was always compliant and made a challenging condition a little bit easier. Then she started High School and our swords  crossed. I had to learn to step back and allow Claudia to take control and lead me. In reality I had no choice. No one really prepared me for this. As strange as it may seem this system allows her to keep her privacy yet at the same time the information that reassures me is sent via email. It's taken that "mother nagging and asking those questions yet again away" Whilst Claudia is aware that the information is  sent to me. I am not asking her any direct questions. Direct questions are not cool in a teenagers eyes.


What we like:

Easy to set up
It's touch screen
Simple to use
Claudia wears it round her neck during the day(how many times has she lost her hand held meters)
Every time any information is registered it is sent to me. Oh YES!!!!!!! 
My favourite  I can "stalk" her blood glucose levels, carb consumption, insulin dosage etc! Yes every parents dream......... (if we are honest)
We no longer need to wait in anticipation as the meter has the option to use with audio. If I cant's see it I can hear it.
No need to covertly check her meter
Claudia can play and unlock levels depending on how many points she has.
You are able to set your own realistic BG goals
Share the information with your specialist team

The meter takes out the oh so well known question's that really irritate our children.

What's your BG?
How many times have you tested today?
What time was your last BG ?
Have you bolused?
How many carbs have you had?
All the other sentences that trip off the tongue of a T1 parent.
If it's way out of range you can breathe and think before you make any suggestions or comments.Which are often not wise words in a teens mind.

Test after dinner 6.5 good 13-02-2015 22:11
This is what you receive via email or SMS. Exact and Simple.
Please note that we have had some "Angry Bird" style readings.......


Claudia aged 13 and 3/4 and her thoughts:

Claudia:It's really good! 
Me:Come on Claudia. 
Claudia: It's excellent. Pretty sick.... 
I suppose for a 13 and 3/4 year old that's a good response as she actually spoke to me and it's more than 1 word. 

This is an honest review from a parents and a child's perspective. This is a product we would like to use on a permanent basis. As it is new to the market it is not available on the NHS. 
I will be taking both "Angry Birds" to our clinical team based in Leeds next week. It will be interesting to hear their thoughts.

An example of the information that can be accessed via "the cloud"

In summary:


Its, funny, effective, does what it says, enables sharing without confrontation. Please NHS UK make it available.


My new line to Claudia is: 

Anytime, Any Place, Anywhere you can share!


For full technical and cost details please use the links below:

Please note these are my personal thoughts alongside Claudia's. We have not been paid to write this review.


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