Friday, 25 June 2010

Children, Hypo's Behaviour & Causes

What a lovely surprise we have beautiful sunshine.The world seems so much better with a little bit of sun.

Mmmmm then comes the hot weather hypo's !! Is it the weather?, lets be honest I don't think anyone really knows.
Claudia has been having lots of hypo's for a while, so far the hospital have put it down to, too much insulin, so we reduced it, for any one with a pump they will understand how low Claudia's basal rate is during the day at 0.025. That didn't work, next increase the carb ratio, she was already on 1 unit to 20, so we put it up to 1 unit to 25. that didn't work, next they said it was a psychological problem, so they referred her to a child psychologist. Appointment pending!

Then came the Addison's test. That was negative as was the B12. Still the hypo's continue.

So my question is: Do they actually know what the cause of hypo's are or do they just work their way down a list of possible triggers ?

Well what a week, Claudia has had such a temper, what is interesting is the different behaviour hypo's and hyper's bring.

We have the chitty chat Claudia, basically non stop talking for about 20 minutes, making no sense at all, quiet endearing even in the early hours of the morning.
We have the wide eyed giggly version.
Then we have the shouting, crying auto rant Claudia, upsetting for everyone.
She can present these symptom's when high or low.

Then its gets sticky!
As a parent every time a situation occurs you automatically think.Is she high, low or just being plain naughty?
It's like playing Who wants to be a Millionaire, is it:
a) Hypo b) Hyper c )Just plain naughty or d )she just feels that life is unfair.

As predictable parents we say," Claudia check yourself". Answer, "I am fine I don't want to check myself "and so the battle begins.

On the other hand you can have days of, I don't feel right and she keeps on checking herself.

On Wednesday Claudia had 3 hypo's in the evening. I just said to her it's been 15 minutes, you need to see if your levels are coming up. Well I wish I had said nothing!
I was greeted with what can only be described as the Tasmanian Devil on a rant. Consisting of, you don't know what its like to have diabetes, you don't have to live my life, its not fair I have had 3 hypo's tonight.

Which resulted in her storming upstairs, waking everyone up, snatching her blanket and pillow and sitting outside in the garden. It was gone 10.00pm before she came back in(40 minutes) When she came in,she hugged me, said she was sorry, but that she just felt awful.

Hugs and kisses were exchanged and off she went to bed. I stayed up thinking, how can I avoid the situation in future? answer:I can't as Diabetes is so unpredictable.

Although we understand why their behaviour can suddenly can change, sadly most people don't which can make the situation more frustrating when we are out.
The other issue is when are 5 year old is misbehaving, she will turn round and say "oh my levels are low I need some glucose".

However I am able to look back on this weeks events and laugh, the little monkey! God help her husband!! She is blonde, petite, smart, beautiful with a hell of a temper, what a winning combination.

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  1. I so love reading your blog, you really have a way of putting it all down how people feel. This one made me cry, we often have times with Kendal storming off & there is nothing that I would like to do more than to take away that feeling for her.