Monday, 7 June 2010

Claudia & Lee's Challenge by Claudia

Follow the link below to see how Claudia and Lee are trying to raise awareness and funds for People with Diabetes.
Although I helped her with some of it, the video is a true account of how she feels and what she thinks. The flick of the paper, when she reads that the PCT have said no, shows that she may be only 9, but she knows what she wants and would like an even better quality of life and control of her diabetes.


  1. I love Claudia's video!!! She's such an inspiration. So strong and copes so well and all at only 9 years old. Amazing!!!! :o) xx

  2. Claudia
    Best of luck in the challenge.
    No promises but we will try to get over to support the event if we can as we dont live that far away.
    My daughter Kirsty was diagnosed type 1 aged 7 3 years ago.
    I and a group of friends all based in Wimborne are riding from London to Paris for JDRF starting this Friday 11th. Wish us luck.
    See more at
    John Jocham