Monday, 14 June 2010

Daily Life

When your child is diagnosed you go through all the emotions, why has it happened, often why didn't I know, could I have done anything to prevent it, it's not fair, how will we manage.

Let's be honest the life a child with diabetes has to live is very strict, no matter how you dress it up and make out they cope, it's no life for a child.
What keeps me going is the firm belief that Claudia will grow up into a truly wonderful adult, who will have compassion and understanding for every person that she meets. I consider that a truly wonderful gift.

Sometimes a find this life style a challenge, there is no break in the routine and you get no days off. Very few people understand and that makes it even more frustrating.This includes the medical profession.

On top of all the 24/7 care we provide, we have to fit in all the "normal day to day tasks" that most families struggle with.

Since Sunday I have had 2 of the girls being sick in the car,Felicity fell off the bar stool and made her nose bleed,(told her soo many times not to try and do headstands on them!), ironing, washing, cleaning, cooking, peacemaker & referee to name but a few of my daily roles.

Of course I have 4 other children, who can throw thing into the mix, Claudia's levels were ok last night only 1 hypo earlier on.
However Purdey decided to hold an all night rave, sadly the location was our house, 2.30am to 6.00am.

I was that tired this morning that I put the remote control in the fridge.
My husband dropped asleep at his desk. The people he works with could hear him snoring.

How do you balance your time equally between your children, when 1 requires so much care. I am still trying to figure that out. Especially when you hear those words " it's not fair I have diabetes" or she always get more attention because she has diabetes it's not fair. They all have valid points.

As I am writing this 1 has my feather duster and is dusting the windows, 2 have been "wrestling" on the trampoline, 1 is making stone pies and the other is just wondering around the garden, all shouting at some point,can I have .......... mum.

I am currently chasing the hospital for Claudia's results, the consultant is off sick, DNS on 3 weeks holiday. The PCT are still unable to clarify the situation regarding our appeal.

Just a normal day really, just typical family life, it's the battle with the diabetes that tips the balance!

I hit a web site recently and it was called "Crusaders Against Diabetes. I thought that sums are family up " we are crusaders against diabetes" we will win but oh boy have we had some battles to date. We will not be defeated!!

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