Saturday, 5 June 2010

Hypo start to the day

Well Claudia woke up hypo this morning 3.5 and oh boy did she throw a diva tantrum it continued even though her levels went up to 6.2 fairly quickly.It's difficult not to laugh at her, although she is 9 she is very petite(they think this is due to the coeliacs disease). I decided to tackle her on the issue of why she hadn't filled her glucose tube up when she told me she had. (I of course always have a sneaky check!) Big mistake she went on a big rant, which ended in her elder sister singing liar liar pants on fire.

Meanwhile the baby is throwing things down the toilet, Flissy is playing at watering the bathroom floor, Darcy is in our bed chilling and it's not even 8.00 am and my husband is trying to get back to sleep, so I shouted boo in his ear, I can't repeat what he said lol!

It's breakfast time, Claudia is very good at carb counting, sadly breakfast for children with coeliacs is not fantastic as gluten free cereal is very limited and the bread leaves a lot to be desired. I admire my 2 older children enormously as they rarely complain and just get on with it. Our day consists of carb counting, weighing food, reading labels to make sure the food is gluten free, we are still laughing and people often look amused as even the 3 year old pretends to read food labels at the supermarket.

Diabetes is tough and very complex somebody recently inspired me by taking a picture of a monitor with the number 7 showing and wrote above perfection!!! So my catch phrase is "perfect numbers lol"

It makes me sad when I reflect on the day to day life that Claudia has to live in comparison to the carefree childhood I was privilaged to have. She makes me feel humble yet so proud of her as no matter what, she always has a smile on her face.

On top of diabetes with have coeliacs, which means the girls can no longer eat everday pasta, bread, cakes, cereal, some chocolate, chips, crisps,anything in batter,pies,pasties,gravy basically all the fab rubbish that we like to eat.We have to get most of our food through the pharmacy, gosh I know them so well.

Through all the above we always have lots of fun and our house is full of laughter.
What this condition has brought is: Very special friends from all over the world. My first true inspiration was Lee Nevitt through Lee I have built up a fabulous supportive network of friends who give me a great insight to diabetes. As a parent its is so difficult to understand how your child is feeling and sometimes they find it difficult to explain or indeed they do not want to talk about it. Thanks to my adult friends with diabetes, I am able to understand Claudia so much better, something the hospital could never do.

My passion is to strive to ensure that all people with diabetes are able to access the treatments of their choice without having to battle.

Claudia has a pump which gives her the luxury of being able to eat whenever she wants. Should that really be a luxury?

mmmm what will today bring xx


  1. Hey Angela,just read your first post and all I can say is 'WOW' - I have so much admiration for you. It must be so hard to cope with Claudia's diabetes, never mind coeliacs on top of that!! It sounds like you have a fab family who all help and support each other hugely. You are really lucky, in so many ways although I'm sure it doesnt always feel like it!!! Will post the link to your blog on my facebook page!!! xxx

  2. Bec i totally agree... puts us all to shame!! i have difficulty brushing my teeth in the morning never mind looking after 5 kids and changing the future of type 1 diabetes.... i will be following this blog.. there will be ups and downs... but knowing angela.. it will def bw bringing a smile to my face!!!!!

  3. Angela... what a wonderful blog! I find it hard enough dealing with my son's Type 1, let alone having the complication of coeliacs on top. Your days certainly sound full but with time for fun too. I feel privileged to be a part of the network of friends we are building. Being a teenage boy, my son is very good at keeping the way he is feeling all to himself and making me feel helpless but with the input of other parents and those who have diabetes, I am learning something new everyday which helps me understand how Ryan is feeling. Thank you for such a detailed and heartfelt blog. I shall be following with interest... x