Sunday, 6 June 2010

Night Patrol

I'm having a Hypo!
Are you sure you want to take me on?
Donald and I went out last night. We have a brave babysitter who looks after all 5. It was so nice to be able to eat anything off the menu and not have to calculate how many carbs were in it. Surrounded by friends it was bliss. I still only drink water. Lucky Donald!

We went out at 7.30 by the text started. Claudia was up, she felt dizzy and unwell but was 10.7 she then dropped to 5.1 in 20 minutes at this point we gave long lasting carbs and a small amount of fast acting carbs. It did the trick she went up slowly and began to feel better.

The hard part with Claudia is when she starts to feel dizzy it can be that her levels are going up or down. Also at 10.7 & 5.1 most people would consider these levels good.

We decided to come home and Claudia had gone up to 8.9. Sadly I didn't get to sleep until 4.30 due to checking Claudia's levels just incase she started to drop again.
On the flip side I got to listen to my husband snore and Purdey playing with Violet, who is a singing puppy dog.

Rudely awakened by Flissy at 6.30 wanting some milk, what can you say bless her, shortly followed by the rest of the gang. Game over it's up and out of bed and our day begins.

So pleased hairdressers are open on a Sunday these days so off I went leaving the 5 lovelies with Donald.

Feeling refreshed after having my hair done I was greeted by Claudia who had had a headache for a few hours, her levels were 6.2, yet she was almost crying. Is this related to her diabetes or just a headache? Before her diabetes she never had headaches, now they appear on a regular basis. We are due in clinic on Thursday, I feel it's time to have a frank discussion with them, about quality of life for Claudia and indeed for the whole family.

On the positive side all my grey hair has gone and I feel like a million dollars!

At home now it's the usual, the girls are running wild and free out in the garden. I do wonder where they get all their energy from and wish I could bottle it and drink some.They are wearing their new outfits from Preston Harrods(Primark), looking very cool for £5.

I am wondering what tonight will bring, I am feeling a little down, but I think that's due to lack of sleep.

My husband is trying to read my blog, I have told him no sneaky peeking, he will have to become a follower and wait until I publish it!!

hmmmm I am still smiling and I will always be positive, just somedays the smiles will be cheshire cat size and others more like the Queen of England smile.

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