Thursday, 10 June 2010

Trial by Hba1c Test

Here we are again the dreaded 3/12 test. No matter how hard we try I am always edgy on the days leading up to Claudia's appointment.
Bit of a twist this time though.

Her Consultant is off ill, so our appointment was cancelled and no future appointment given. We did request that they still did her Hba1c to give an indication of how things were going, they agreed. Why am I not thrilled it was 6.5%, perhaps it's because of the bad hypo's or is it the thought of achieving 6.5 % next time,I am not sure.

Claudia has always been below the 7.5% desired by "unrealistic health professionals" but my personal thoughts are although you get a gold star at clinic, is our quality of life as good as it could be, the answer is sadly NO!

Reading every one's post it seems, it is a common feeling of dread visiting the consultant and diabetes nurse specialist. Yet at the same time we see them as our safety net in case things are not right, confusing to say the least, perhaps this is because of the general lack of understanding within the medical profession out of our specialist service.

To all who have attended appointments today I solute you for having the courage to attend!!!Let's be honest we could all think of 101 things we would rather do.

I believe our clinic have a Consultant covering, I don't know how good he will be, fingers crossed.

I have to take Claudia back to clinic this afternoon, for further bloods, they are going to check her B12 levels. As you all know her Addisons came back negative, but things are still not right. Thanks to facebook yesterday I came across an interesting article, I forwarded it to the hospital, they have decided due to the symptoms that she presents that she should be tested!

So a big thank you to my Facebook friends.

I think they should indicate our 3/12 by smiley faces! With the smiles getting slightly smaller as the % gets higher.

Wish me look as Claudia diva will probably not be thrilled at the prospect of going back to clinic and I will be guilt tripped into buying her something. Oh well, she deserves It!

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