Wednesday, 9 June 2010

Amazing People

Our Challenge Event is on the horizon !!!!

Lee has kindly reminded me it's 10 day's to go until our challenge! As I recently posted, we have a 4 hour + journey to reach our challenge destination of Southbourne near Bournmouth.

We will be travelling down in my beloved aptly named Disco Dolly(discovery). It will be full to the brim with children, bikes and of course so much back up stuff to cope with any diabetic emergency.Plus food as people are still bewildered by Coeliacs Disease.

It will be a very quick entertaining journey, due to Jenson Button driving(Donald), Girls Aloud singing (Isabella, Claudia, Darcy & Felicity) as for Purdey I just don't want to think what she will throw into the mix.
I am sticking to my original plan of wearing ear plugs and a sleep mask = hear no evil, see no evil, therefore I will speak no evil and will be a lovely mummy and wife for the whole of the journey.
We are all excited and looking forward to meeting all the people we have been chatting to on facebook and who have pulled me through what has been a couple of low weeks for me.

The blog this morning is to celebrate all the amazing people out there who are trying to raise awareness and funds in aid of research and giving people with diabetes a cure, in the near future and to celebrate the success of all those who have already completed their challenges.

Here are the list of HERO'S

Mr Lee Nevitt & Miss Claudia Diva Tate

Miss Kodie Jade Wass

Miss Bec Morgan

Mr John Jocham and Crew


Jo, Gary and Max's PageWalk The Extra Mile on 04/07/2010

Matt Ridyard , Stephen Farrar, Scott Pearson, Dan Churcher, Jonny Horrobin and Harry Ford intend on walking the Great wall of china in march/april 2011 for Charity. The charity is Diabetes uk. Matt's Son is 5 and has had this illness for 2 years this coming July, as a parent he was ignorant to the dangers of diabetes and believe me, when i say you would if you could take it away from your child and have it yourself if it means they can have a healty hassle free life. No child deserves to have 4 Injections a day, Around 8 blood tests and a very strict way of life.Because diabetes is a major cause of coronary heart disease, blindness, kidney failure and arterial damage, the outlook seems grim, particularly for our children.

Roxy Reynolds

Please post me your link if you are taking part in a challenge.

For people reading my blog, please donate no matter how small it will be very very appreciated.
If you can attend any of the challenges, please do the more the merrier!

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