Tuesday, 8 June 2010

Back To School

Gone are the carefree school days, when it didn't matter if we got up late and the girls were still eating toast on the way to school in the car and bags were forgotten.

It's military style in our house these days and I am the Drill Sergeant:

Claudia Frog(check your blood glucose levels, long story)
Get dressed
Brush your teeth
Brush your hair
Make your beds
Downstairs for breakfast

Breakfast starts, Claudia is great she weighs and calculates her own breakfast and checks with me. Always a massive relief if her blood glucose levels are good in the morning as it makes life kinder.

As they are eating their breakfast I go along the table putting their hair up for school, suncream if its sunny.
At this point most families would be shoes, coats on and out the door. Not for us.
I then have to write up Claudia's diary for school with any relevant instructions calculate all the carbs she will have during the day, so that school can operate the pump with the correct information.

Then we double checked Claudia's school bag to make sure she has enough glucose tabs, apple juice, test strips, back up monitor, glucogel, her inhaler, hand gel, mini scales the list is endless. Today she had to carry her bulk supply of apple juice to store at school and longer lasting carbs if required. Then its kisses and hugs and off they go.Her bag is almost as big as her as she runs down the path to the car she is swaying with the weight.

School already have extras including insulin, cannula's etc. I think I am suffering from OCD and I may be a bit of a control freak mmmmmmm not good ! But I have heard that control freaks manage diabetes well.

The house is a lot quieter, 3 have gone to school. In the back of my mind is the constant question, will today be a good day or will I get a phone call from school. I am rarely 20 minutes drive from school, just in case there is a problem. Donald's office is an 1hour & 20 away.

To keep me distracted, I have Purdey who is hoovering with her mini hoover, that plays music. Felicity who seems to well, one can only describe it as wild! Perhaps that's because her partner in mischief is here Mariella.

I have just had to issue a warning to mini the minx's. The counting of 123 is not as effective as it used to be. I have managed to find one that works instantly, especially on a day like today. I ask them if they would like to do a weather report. ( its raining here). Hooray the screaming and bouncing on the furniture has stopped!

The girls have an appointment to have their eye's checked tonight. Our local optician is great, he photographs the back of Claudia's eyes as the hospital will not do this until she is 12. It's just gives us peace of mind.

Sometimes I wonder, as parents how we manage on so little sleep. Over the last 2 weeks we have had approximately 3 hours sleep each night. Thank God for make-up ( I have told Donald he has to start buying his own )and Coffee.

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