Thursday, 1 July 2010

The Night Time Monsters.

Who are you and why do you visit ?
I have got to say that Claudia was the "perfect" baby and child when it came to sleeping. In fact the only one out of the 5.

Since Claudia developed Type 1, her sleeping pattern has rapidly gone down hill. You could put this down to being disturbed when we check her blood glucose levels or initially due to the upset and stress of having diabetes.

Yet 2 years down the line, her sleep pattern is more erratic than ever. Recently she has been getting in our bed. Not good, Donald snoring on one side, Claudia fidget bottom on the other.

I asked her what was waking her up and why she couldn't get to sleep. She said she was having bad dreams, which range from bad men robing the house, strange noises to monsters.

I often asked the question to myself: Is it just Claudia or is there more to this?

Well my question was answered by my friend Donna. She was not having much sleep due to her daughter having hypo's and bad dreams about monsters. Again her daughter had previously been a very good sleeper.So it would seem it is related to the diabetes.

It seems to come and go following no particular pattern.

Is the monster diabetes? Are the bad men the Doctors?

How do you resolve it? I have tried all sorts, reading nice stories, telling funny tales when she gets up, cuddles, putting a teddy on room guard to keep them away to name but a few.

I am really at a loss. We are seeing the child psychologist tomorrow, maybe she will have some answers.

Does this happen to your children or to you?


  1. Hi, I am child with Type One and that is one thing my mom would tell you that I struggled with when I was dignosed at age four. I am interested to know what the child psychologist told you if you wouldnt mind sharing. I only ask because I am 20years old now and I still struggle with irregular sleeping habits because I have horrible nightmares. Have you found anything that works? We always blamed it on diabetes as well but it sucks to be in your 20's and still be scared to fall asleep because you know those horrible dreams await you!

  2. I'm in a rush but my friend kindly gave me the link to your blog.

    Benedict's sleeping has been all over the place since we began pump therapy and everything went badly wrong... in face it continues to be pants!!

    He has night terrors when we have to wake him to treat a hypo and frequent dreams about someone trying to kill him.

    He also has coeliac. I have coeliac and Joint probs and hubby has MS... we also have five kids, four girls Emma and Kathryn 25, Sara 23 and Pip 3. Benedict is 8.

    We have been home educating him since the introduction of pump therapy two years ago as he has been to unstable since then to attend school.

    So in short no answers but bucketloads of sympathy.