Thursday, 1 July 2010

School Trip

Claudia the World War 2 Evacuee.

She's looking good considering her age!!

As the school trip approached I thought I would be nervous, strangely I wasn't.

Today was Claudia's first full day trip with school. She was going by bus to Bury and then to a museum, they had lunch on a steam train, she was ever so excited. I had to dress her as a World War 2 Evacuee.

The question is : Am I neurotic or just well prepared ?

Here comes the OCD in me, Claudia went with the following:

6 cartons of juice, gluco tabs, 1 box of crackers, 1 bag of crackers, jelly babies, glucogel, an insulin pen in case the pump failed and to top it all a glucagen kit!!

The glucagen kit was in case the ambulance didn't have one, I am sat here writing this laughing to myself!! I have come to the conclusion I went a bit OTT.

However in my defense the teacher who primarily cares for Claudia said " I was going to call you last night and ask if we needed to take an insulin pen". However she realised she could just take the one from school.

Now I know the reason why I wasn't worried.
Claudia's school have been amazing, especially Mrs Rawcliffe who primarily cares for her. At the beginning, I was scared, Claudia was scared and the teachers were apprehensive, yet over the last 2 years we have all worked together and Claudia receives what I can only describe as Gold Standard Care within Little Hoole County Primary School.

This is due to the dedication of all the people in school who go above and beyond the call of duty.

My only sadness is: Why can't all schools provide this standard of care?

It made me laugh when I picked Claudia up, they were all so excited that they had forgotten to do Claudia's lunch time blood glucose. (the first time ever)They stayed calm, checked it an hour later, and gave a correction via the pump. What I loved most of all is: the bolus wizard would not allow the correction due to active insulin, so they did it via the manual bolus, this shows how confident they both are and how they work together to resolve any issue's.

They also dodged a mid morning hypo! Claudia was 4.2 ish so they topped her up. Just brilliant!!! It takes great understanding of the condition to do this.

They had a fabulous day, hypo free! I think they should be known as the A Team!

Sometimes in life there are special people that help and support. Without whom our life would be even more challenging. Mrs Rawcliffe and Little Hoole School are an excellent example of this.

Their thoughts have always been to put Claudia first to ensure her school life is as "normal as possible".

Let's be honest it takes a special person/people to provide the care a child with Type 1 Diabetes requires.

So now I know why I wasn't worried!!!
Only slip up with her outfit, I did send her with a German suitcase oops!

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  1. Wonderful,glad there were no major problems and the day went well.What is also wonderful is your sense of humour its something else we parents seem to have xx