Wednesday, 4 August 2010

Diabetes Together We Can Raise The Profile Of Type 1. Poster Campaign.

Claudia said to me:

"Please don't cry mummy, it scares me when you cry".

When Claudia was diagnosed, we were shocked, devastated, couldn't take it in, thought they were joking and the most important one : Why Claudia?

The aim of Diabetes Power is: To raise the profile of Type1.

If I had seen a poster with the typical symptoms displayed on it, I would have realised Claudia possibly had Type 1. Maybe if our GP had it displayed in his room he wouldn't have missed it! Instead Claudia ended up in DKA.

Ping! I have an idea!

My husband and I designed a Type 1 awareness poster, which was good, but then I made friends with Martyn who has really transformed the poster. I would like these posters to be put up all over the country and abroad.

We can do it together

You can download the poster as it is and put it up in any public place or you can download a template and add your own photo. If you are able to laminate, it would make the poster more durable.

I am adding a page on Diabetes Power which can be populated with the locations of where you have put up a poster.

I would like to be able to take the results to my meeting in London, to show how working together leads to cost effective campaign which will help to raise awareness of Type 1.

I count my blessings everyday that Claudia is still with me. Sadly not all families have been so lucky.

Diabetes Power! Together We Can Raise Awareness Of Type 1


  1. I'll definitely be printing a fair amount of these off Angela, and I'll send them all over the UK - I'll see if I can get the girls involved also