Tuesday, 21 September 2010

Do You Know What Is Available On Prescription?

Diabetes Power Product Review

I believe in informed patient choice, especially in regards to what products are available to help support the care of diabetes. Whilst setting up the event I did a lot of research. I have found some very interesting products, some of which are available on the NHS!

I thought I would show case a product each month. Some will be available on the NHS and some will only be available to purchase direct from a supplier.

Treatment Options For Hypoglycaemia
Direct Energy

A Treatment Option For Hypoglycaemia.

I am for ever looking at ways of reducing the rather large bag I carry with Claudia's Hypo treatments etc.
Shamelessly, I emailed a lot of companies asking for samples. This is one of the products I have discovered. Slim, easy to carry and comes in a few flavours.

Hypo-Fit is available on prescription. Perhaps this may be a preferable choice for you or an additional option.
It comes in Orange, Tropical or Mint Flavours. The sachet is small and slim therefore easy to carry and takes up little room.

This fast acting carbohydrate product is used by groups other than people, who have diabetes such as:marathon runners, surfers, skiers, cyclists, perhaps that highlights how effective the product is.

Swimming is a particular issue with Claudia as she tends to use a lot of energy and we have to top her up with plenty of fast acting & long lasting carbohydrates before she gets into the water. This can be a problem, as this often makes her feel sick, whilst she is swimming. On this occasion we gave Claudia the orange flavoured Hypo-Fit prior to her going swimming. It did work, no hypo's and no sickness! ( hopefully this will work every time).

Although it worked on this occasion for Claudia, I feel that because diabetes is so individual there are no guarantees, what works for one person is not necessarily as effective for another.

Hypo-Fit is available on prescription

Please find below some further information on Hypo-Fit.

HYPO-FITョ syrup is a premium product, which is a unique combination of three sugars glucose, sucrose, and fructose water and flavouring (mint, orange and tropical). Each sachet contains 13.4 gm of very useful carbohydrates.

HYPO-FITョ a useful nutritional aide for energetic people, such as sportsmen or women, as well as anyone who has a need for quick acting carbohydrates.

HYPO-FITョ syrup contains no preservatives or gelling agents.

It is a natural product, not tested on animals and is registered with the Vegan Society.

Each 18 gm sachet contains 13.4 gm of useful carbohydrate with a calorific value of 228 KJ / 54 Kcal (see NICE Guidelines).

HYPO-FITョ syrup is not recommended for children under 2 years of age.

For full details please visit: www.hypo-fit.co.uk to see if you think this product may be suitable for you. I would always recommend,you discuss any product with your health care professional before using it.
Your health care professional should be familiar with Hypo-Fit.

I would be grateful for any feedback of this product.



  1. I could have done with this the past week I have been delivering leaflets 2 hours at a time and eaten numerous lucozade sweets, much too chalky and always make me cough. Will look into this, thanks for sharing xx

  2. I'm so fed up of glucose tablets that you have to eat like 12 of and then wait to feel better. Have you tried it out in an actual hypo situation? If it is effective I might get it from the doc :)