Monday, 15 November 2010

World Diabetes Day 2010

World Diabetes Day 2010

Sunday 14th November 2010.

Diabetes Power released Blue Chinese Lanterns in honour of all the people in the World who have Type 1 Diabetes.

Although I have always got a lot to say for myself Donna and I are still new to organising events. You could say it was organised chaos!

I suppose Donna and I want everyone to feel welcome and feel they can join in.

We were overwhelmed with the support and the attendance from people we had never met before and the the people who have recently jumped on the Diabetes Power band wagon.

It was such a special moment when the first lantern went up with special wishes written on it.

I know in my heart this is the start of something special and together we will raise awareness and support each other through the good and tough times.

My Lantern Wish: Please find a cure in the very near future for Type 1 Diabetes, until that very special day, please give each and every person a pump and CGM if they want one and all the support they need!

Next year the World Diabetes Day Event will be bigger and more spectacular.

This is the link for the video of the event: click on Chineses Lantern Release.

Claudia has just come downstairs dressed for bed in black and turquoise leg warmers with bright pink PJ's over the top.. mmmmmmm must have her fathers dress sense.

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