Tuesday, 7 December 2010

Constant Glucose Sensor!! Amazing

Well 8 months after our initial application for a CGM Claudia has been awarded 3 months funding for a sensor to be worn every day. At the end of the 3 months they will review Claudia's case and decide if she will be awarded further funding.

We are 24 hours into having the sensor, all I can say is WOW! Apart from the first 3 hours where the pump lost connection with the cgm(easy to rectify) and a delayed calibration reading it has been perfect and within 2 mmols of the blood glucose meter readings. As we all know different meters can give varied readings with a 2-3 mmol difference.

The CGM only requires 2 calibrations a day, 12 hours apart. (2 conventional blood glucose readings)

They do recommend that you check with your usual blood glucose meter if the pump alarms for low or elevated levels before you administer glucose or insulin.

For the first time in nearly 3 years we went to bed with peace of mind knowing that we had an extra support with the CGM. Checking Claudia's levels was lovely as we just pressed escape on the pump and it gave automatically a 3 hour reading of her blood glucose levels. No need to wake her.

I collected Claudia from school and spoke to her teachers, they loved it and found it fascinating as they could see what was happening. It picked up a hypo, but better than that one was actually avoided. They even commented that she had been a lot more relaxed.

I keep on making her laugh by saying "go on tell me your levels" for the first time she is laughing when telling me.
However until the perfect treatment is found= THE CURE

In my opinion for Claudia the pump & cgm are as good as it gets.

I always have in my mind: humans make errors therefore don't expect technology to be.
Insulin Pumps & Constant Glucose Sensors are not for everyone who has Type 1 Diabetes as everyones needs and wishes are individual.
But Claudia Loves Them Both! For us the long battle with the PCT was worth it.


  1. Well CONGRATS!

    We just finished a trial with Dexcom for a week...haven't blogged about it yet, but I was also amazed every time both readings were consistent....crazy the things that will make a D Mama's Day!

  2. Hi Wendy you are so right, would love to hear about the dex com sensor. Xx

  3. Angela, please post other impressions during the 3 months. I also remember the feeling when our daughter wore it for the first time. So cool to have the blindfold removed! We're also on the Minimed.

  4. Great news. A is connected up at the moment - here in Finland we are funded 1 sensor(same as you have) a month and it works well, enabling us to tweak basals and also trying to see any trends(which seem to change daily!!) We are also able to send the info off to our consultant through the web download - very cool.Hope it works well for you all.

  5. My son Joe uses the Dexcom too. I tried the Guardian many years ago and it didn't do much for us...I think it has come a long way in a few years! Can you calibrate when the BS is moving? A few years ago it had to be "stable" to calibrate - LOL...yeah, stable in a 4 year old active boy. Anyway...I am so glad that you are getting to try it and enjoying the information it is providing you with. It is like seeing into the depths of the ocean, isn't it?

  6. Hi Reyna,

    Yes you can calibrate it whilt Bg is moving. Brilliant comparison "seeing the depthsof the ocean. We can only get the medtronic funded in the UK currently. It's good to talk to people who use a CGM, so rare. xx