Friday, 11 February 2011

We are the A Team

Message from CGM= Well done!!

I realised another benefit of the CGM(constant glucose monitor), it gives you the feel good factor and really highlight's that given the unreasonable behaviour of our friend Mr Diabetes. We are giving him a run for his money and achieving good control. It like having a pat on the back.

Whilst injecting and the more conventional finger pricking for blood glucose levels helps you achieve good control, other than the routine checks you don't actually know what Mr Diabetes is up to. Will it be higher or lower ? As we know "Mr D" doesn't play fair!

Claudia got up this morning and for 6 hours the line on her sensor was almost straight. What a fantastic start to the day and we gave each other a high 5. I felt really proud that for a period of 6 hours we(Claudia) had beaten Mr D into submission. That feel good factor has really helped lift my spirits in the belief that we are managing Claudia's diabetes well. Without the CGM we would not be able to see the true picture.

Don't get me wrong some days the graph resembles a roller coaster ride!! The beauty of the CGM is you can respond quicker and fine tune Mr D's unpredictable behaviour.

We have had the CGM for 2.5 months, for Claudia and the family this is the way forward.
Yes we still get up occasionally during the night if the CGM alarms.

School love it and if they see double down arrows they just top Claudia up with carbs. If her levels are going out of range the give a correction.We have eliminated the majority of Hypo's . Claudia is having 1-2 a week instead of 3-4 a day.
We did have a couple of days of bad Hypo's, but I downloaded the data from the CGM&Pump and tweaked her insulin, result end of Hypo's.
I feel that the longer we have the CGM, he smarter we will become at adjusting.
For me I needed the reassurance I was managing Claudia's diabetes well. The CGM has given me this. As parents you only get 1 shot at providing your child with good care to set them on into adult hood. That is a massive responsibility especially with a child who has a long term condition.

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