Tuesday, 26 April 2011

Check Mate! There is No winning situation!

It's like a game of chess going back to school, do I adjust the basal/carb ratio or give extra snacks. Depending on what move I make will then have an impact on the move Mr Diabetes makes.

Claudia has gone back to school today. The house is a lot quieter and I will have time off from D Watch!
So why is my mind in a turmoil?

Is it because:

No matter how amazing school are(they are) I feel that I am the only one who can take care of Claudia.

Am I worried in case I have forgotten to pack her bag correctly.

Have I got her basal rate correct and worked out Claudia's lunchtime carbs correctly.

Am I on edge just in case school call.

I think all in all I don't manage change as well as I did before Claudia developed Type 1 & Coeliac. The effect is that I am far more nervous about everyday life and suffer from Diabetes OCD.To be honest I think I have always suffered from OCD.

However I have a feeling that it's Claudia's clinic appointment tomorrow and she is due her annual Coeliac test as well as her Hba1c, that just might be tipping the balance.

It's a massive challenge to keep your child healthy & controlling bad old Mr Diabetes. Sometimes it feels like I am climbing a mountain other days it's like a walk in the park. There never seems to be any middle ground.

In a way the hospital appointment makes me edgy for days before hand, yet afterwards I feel a lot more light hearted.

Even though I know in my heart we have really worked hard with" trying to control Mr D" he is a law unto himself and on many occasions he like to play dirty "breaking all the rules"!

I learnt to play chess from a young age and indeed I am a fairly good player, but I have met my match with Mr D. Often we are in "Check Mate" with no place to go and we just have to sit it out.

I have just asked Bella 6 times to go and get in the car !! Teenage deafness I think.

Well onwards & upwards, lets see what the next few days bring ......................

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  1. My kids went back to school today too. I've had 3 phone calls from son's teacher so far .... Always on call for both of them I am.

    also Claudia will not need a Coeliac test if she's already had it diagnosed.