Thursday, 14 April 2011

Top 10 Most Irritating Things People Say!

Why is there a common myth that Type 1 Diabetes is easy to manage? My Top 10 Of Most Irritating Statements! 1"It could be worse". Really I think to myself "How"? My child is on permanent life support every day for the rest of her life unless a cure is found. Added to which it can take 15-20 years off the average life span. 2"God wouldn't have let it happen if he didn't think you could manage" Once again, I think really. "Have you actually looked at my eyes they are kept open by match sticks, the 10 thousand grey hairs that have suddenly appeared"I didn't always look like this. 3" If you don't give them sweet things they will OK" OMG if only I had realised it was as simple as that! 4" She will grow out of it" That's news to me. Must tell the consultant 5"Children are resilient" Really you try injecting & finger pricking every day of your Life. 6 Should she be eating cake? My thoughts "Should you"? 7Will exercise & diet help? No only a cure! But it may help you. 8When they get older it will get easier for you. No, I will always worry, even more so when she leaves home and I can't keep tabs on her. 9 Couldn't you have stopped it happening? Usually I just look bewildered at that point. 10 My all time favourite, after spending 20 minutes explaining and answering questions, the person turns round and says"so it's not that serious then"! The thing is not only are we amazing parents and dedicated to caring for our children 24/7 we smile sweetly and answer politely, when people make the most stupid statements!


  1. I can add another one, " so it's the type that causes toes to drop off!" said to me this week!

  2. Omg!!!!!!!! I want to scream and slap the people who say this!!!!! Even some doctors and nurses don't know as much as we do. Ugggghhhhhhhhhh!!!!!

  3. These drive me nuts, too!!! How about this one -- Is it the bad type of diabetes? As if there's a good type! Or, when will he stabilize?

    Great post!

  4. been there all too often. apparently I'm a "fussy over protective mother" and I should " go out more and lighten up" - yeah sure, are you willing to train up and babysit for me? no, I didn't think so.

    Actually 2 lovely people from a childrens holiday club did train up so they could have my kids for Easter School break. It freaked them out and they couldn't take on the responsibility in the end.

  5. Oh so has he got it bad then! An a goodun yesterday " cant you just lighten up an give him a day off testin an that bloody machine attached to him" . Feckin ejits some people!

  6. How about : 'We know lots of people with diabetes and the only problems they have is they need to wear glasses - Its not that bad.'

    I get as mad as everyone about the comments you get - I guess though that I was completely oblivious to Diabetes before it hit our beautiful 7 yr old daughter. They are lucky ,after the conversation they can walk away - we are the ones who live with it day in day out. The tired ness is a killer - Its like having a new baby again....... Phewwww Well thats good to get that out of my system!!!! thank -you!!

  7. "Don't lie you can't be diabetic, you aren't old enough"..... that used to annoy me.. or "you don't look diabetic"

  8. A few words of encouragement. This is do-able! I'm 54 and have been diabetic since I was 6. I gave myself shots, from age 6, with a glass syringe and a needle that had to be sharpened with a whet-stone when it got dull or got a hook on it. My mom had 8 kids. The 4 blondes were all juvenile onset diabetics. The best advice my doctor ever gave me was, "You are NOT diabetic. You are a person who has diabetes. Live your life as normally as possible and don't let the diabetes define who you are." If life is all about my diabetes, it isn't worth living. There will be difficult time ahead. That's life. Don't waste time worrying about them. Live them as they come with courage and you'll give someone else courage to live through theirs. In some ways I am very grateful for my diabetes. It has helped me to learn compassion for those who are hurting. It has taught me to value life and the good times I have. I think it has made me a stronger person than I would have been. Mostly, it has made me aware of my need for Jesus' strength. Please, don't be angry. It can give your children a negative approach to life. Don't let your kids use diabetes as an excuse for anything. My mom's positive attitude was a well-spring of strength and encouragement for us kids. God bless you all! Linda from Texas

  9. Oh my goodness..... this made me cringe and laugh and nod my head at the same time. so very true. People think Diabetes is an 'easy' thing to deal with and live with..... It is certainly not. I just count myself lucky that there are other mums out there who care so much and give me the courage to carry on and do my best for Ciara :-) So grateful for your support x

  10. "It could be worse." Why, yes, yes it could. Like my child could have Autism and Diabetes! Oh, wait, he does!

    Please, people. It could **always** be worse. That doesn't mean that what we are dealing with is a walk in the park.

    When you have a child that fights you at almost every turn when your goal is to keep him alive, then you tell me it "could be worse".

    1. My brother has autism and diabete as well. I have diabetes and coeliac, my brother and sister have diabetes too. There is only my older sister (eldest who isn't diabetic)

  11. I hate all those statements about T1 Diabetes too. My daughter has been dxd T1 for almost 2months now so I've been hearing them all! Endo. dr. said it will get easier, she will stabilize, you wont have to wake up at night anymore. Ummmm....hmmmmm. I don't really ever see that happening. I may be new at this but I'm not stupid dr.!

  12. I've been a type 1 since 1965, I was 5 when diagnosed. Those stupid statements haven't changed any.

    I still have lows and highs. They happen. I pretty much ignore what people have to say because unless you are a type 1 or live with one YOU have NO CLUE. And each one of us are different.

    A glass of OJ with sugar is what my parents were told to get me out of my insulin reactions (hypos). That didn't work so they tried a tablespoon of honey. That works for me.

    Some diabetics accept that they are a diabetic and will have to inject insulin or use a pump and monitor their blood sugar until a cure is found. Others can't. They just can't handle the fact they are "different". I say we're all different.

    Good luck with your family.