Sunday, 3 April 2011

Please Support The Diabetes Power Raising Awareness Campaign

Diabetes Power Awareness Leaflet.


I presented The Diabetes Power Type 1 Awareness Campaign at this meeting. It was very well received and agreed that we would try and secure funding in order to roll out the campaign.Currently various people are trying to source funding.

All that needs to be covered is the cost of printing up the leaflets and poster's. Is anybody in the position to print up these leaflets and posters for minimal or no cost ? If you are able to donate at least £1.00, it will help enable the campaign to go Nation Wide. (The whole of the Uk including Ireland).

Diabetes Power Poster

We nearly lost our daughter as our then GP said she had a sore throat when in reality she was in Diabetic Ketoacidosis (DKA) Sadly we are not alone and too many young adults & children are in DKA before they are diagnosed, which on occasions has lead to that person losing their life. Whilst we cannot stop the onset of Type 1 Diabetes we can avoid a person being in DKA.

The poster's will also feature Aimee who was diagnosed Type 1 just aged 2

Whatever type of Diabetes you have please support this campaign. If we prevent 1 child/adult from being in DKA at Diagnosis the Campaign will be a success.Let's show how the Love Of the Diabetic Community can be United in Raising Awareness

It has been proven in Europe that when a similar Awareness Campaign was launched the reduction in DKA at diagnosis was huge. So far I have funded this from funds raised from the Awareness Events I have hosted with the support of many friends, Donna, Helen, Lee Roxie, Bernie, Bert, Caroline, Martyn & many others, the list is endless.

My time as always been free as I am dedicated to raising awareness. I have to raise 5K before I am able to register as a Charity.

You can donate via paypal at and click on the donate button.

Diabetes Power: Together We Can Raise Awareness!!


  1. Im in Australia, but would love to see similar awareness spread here. My son was given thrush drops and antibiotics and he was in diabetic ketoacidosis, this was at 8months old. A brochure to all expectant mothers at antenatal appointments or shortly after birth... if only I'd been told.

  2. Hi Jules,

    I know, I am happy to email you my leaflets maybe you can adapt them or use them as they are, the cost would just be printing xx