Thursday, 21 April 2011

Type 1 & School Holidays

Little Miss ScatterBrain Describes My Mind ! Is it any wonder?

It's the Easter Holidays & for most people taking a trip out, involves very little.

Well I suppose when I had children I knew life would never be simple again, indeed is life ever simple ?
Gone were the days of driving my little MX5, without a care in the world.(ahh those were the days)

I never dreamed I would have 5 children, several having very complex conditions

Looking back nearly 3 years ago, in comparison to today, life was indeed very simple.
During the holidays we could just get up and go like the majority of families!

On Monday we all went for a bike ride. First hurdle was to get Isabella now 12 to come with us and wear a cycle helmet.That achieved we had to endure the 1 hour wait whilst she got herself ready.

Then watch her cycle past the patio doors 4 times, checking herself out! I should be impressed that she takes care of herself. Only she was wearing, leggings, shorts, T-Shirt, Cardigan & would you believe ugg boots(Next's equivalent).

In the meantime we prepared the bikes, Isabella,Claudia & Darcy cycle independently. However Purdey & Felicity sit on the back of our bikes.

2 hours later we are ready to set off with a final check:

Claudia what's your BG?
Did you reduce your basal?
Sun Cream applied=Check
Glucose tabs=check
Apple juice=check
Jelly Babies(gluten free)=check
Gluten Free Food=check
BG Meter=check
Spare Cannula=check
Insulin Pens, in case pump fails(OTT I know) & lots of other trivia I am to embarrased to own upto(lol)

And finally the Allison's are off !!

100 yards down the road, "mum I feel dizzy" me shouting "what's your BG" (sensor) "6.8 mum" Well you should be fine, lets see how you go, this carried on for about a mile, until Claudia shouted I feel OK now. Phew!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Mean while the 12 year old is stopping every 5 minutes to adjust her hair and clothes! God help me!

We had to pull Darcy out of the hedge a few times & shouting for BG checks,other than that it was plain sailing.

We made it to the park. I was still sane. Donald was muttering. he knows why he goes to work,  the children have nagging down to a fine art.
Isabella looked extremely red in the face. I said "are you hot Isabella"? No she shouted, Donald and I looked at each other and started laughing.

Well the sun was shining and the girls were running wild. Peace at last. It was nice whilst it lasted. I'm hungry, followed by another little voice"I'm hungry mummy".

We decided to go to the ice-cream parlour, the girls love it. Pump Power to the rescue!

We cycled over 5 miles, which included a trip via the GP's & pharmacy.Felicity had reacted to another food. He looked a little shell shocked when we all walked into the surgery.
The result : Felicity is being referred back to the allergy clinic.

We eventually arrived home!! I was amazed that Claudia hadn't had a hypo. I should have known at some point that Mr D would rear his ugly head. For us, he chose night time. Claudia CGM was alarming like I don't know what and suspending the pump. After 2 hours we got her levels sorted.

It was during that time and those long lonely hours. I thought was it worth going out?

Well my answer to Mr D was: yes it was and you will never stop us doing anything as a family.You may make life very complex and behave like a 1000 rebellious teenagers, but you will never win!! 

Claudia has just walked through the door and asked if she can go swimming with her friend tomorrow. Yes I said not a problem. Inside I was thinking Oh God ! Sadly other parents just don't realise what's involved and all the preparation that is required in order that she can go swimming.

My advice is to anyone, although at times every thing can seem overwhelming, take a big breath, count to 10 and remember if: Little Miss ScatterBrain can manage it, you can!!



  1. Great advise :) I don't know how, but yes, we manage.

  2. Sounds so familiar, BBQs this weekend have meant umpteem questions about 'has this food got gluten in it' and also Rosie's despair at others eating what she used to love, it's situations like this that feel 'it's not fair' for her!