Saturday, 21 May 2011

Acceptance Is A Long Journey That Never Ends

Face Book is a brilliant resource & a place to meet wonderful people who understand how you feel.
On the whole I have a very positive outlook on life. However today is one of those days that I am feeling more emotional.

Claudia has gone to a party, she was so excited, she had a severe hypo before she left, even though her basal is 0.025 which is the lowest the Medtronic Pump can deliver.The result was she felt rotten. I treated her to some jelly babies (gluten free ) to try and make it a little better. In reality it hurt deep within me that my beautiful Claudia couldn't even go to a party without Mr D pulling a stunt!

Taking all the above into consideration I should have known better than to watch a video a mum had posted.

It was from a family who's son had Type 1 and their everyday life. Well 20 minutes later I am still crying, whilst writing this blog.

Whilst we all live life to the full, the 24/7 every single day of the year with no break can take it's toll, very suddenly without warning.

Isabella saw me crying & watched part of the video with me, she gave me a big hug. I said" you do know that Claudia could die from having Type 1 Diabetes" She cried with me. I suppose those thoughts are always there,although buried deep within me, every now & again pop to the surface & reduce me to a blubbering wreck.

I believe that people should be honest, as that is the only way the public & medics will truly understand how challenging the "D Life is".

I have posted the link to the video below. It is very honest & true. I admire then very much for bearing their souls.!/video/video.php?v=1731752330078&comments

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  1. I'm not s big sugar-coater. I learned a long time ago that life is what it is, and the emotions that come along the way are part of the journey.

    While I do agree that it's important to cherish positive thoughts, and strive for being content with one's life, I admit that, sometimes, strong emotions of fear and sadness overwhelm my heart.

    Be gentle to yourself today. Allow your mind, body, and soul to find its rhythm again, then hold your head high and face tomorrow with confidence.