Sunday, 5 June 2011

Type 1 Diabetes Has No Favourites "Know The Symptoms"

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My very own little purple alien!

I knew very little about Type 1 Diabetes & the "Classic Symptoms" before the 1st May 2008. That is the day our family life changed and Claudia was diagnosed with Type 1 Diabetes.

Whilst nothing could have prevented the onset of Type 1 Diabetes. If we had been more aware & our GP had been more aware of the Symptoms Of Type 1, Claudia would not have ended up in Diabetic Ketoacidosis.
This we all know is a life threatening condition.
I believe if we all work together we can raise the profile of Type 1 Diabetes and the "Classic Symptoms".

Together we can help reduce the number of people in Diabetic Ketoacidosis at Diagnosis.

Our Story

Everyone who helped develop this campaign has Type 1 Diabetes or is a carer.

This campaign is from the heart and aims to be very real.

To help support the campaign login at

By the end of June 2011 the Campaign should be live.

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  1. Such a poignant video! I admire all that you're doing with this campaign. It's fantastic and so important!