Friday, 10 June 2011

National Paediatric Network Meeting

Campaign Pack

Our Campaign On You Tube

I was kindly invited to The National Paediatric Network Meeting to Present Diabetes Power Awareness Campaign " Type 1 Diabetes Has No Favourites Know The Symptoms.

I eventually got my Power Point Presentation on (actually it was Anna) I have what is known as Power Point mental block!! I just talked until it was sorted. You know me. I can talk for England, especially when I am nervous.

It was agreed that a campaign was vital & raising awareness of Type 1 was also important

Everyone who attended the meeting was very supportive of the campaign and hopefully there will be a National Press Release next week by NHS Diabetes & National Paediatric Network on behalf of Diabetes Power.

For the me what stood out was the amount of Consultants, Specialist Nurses, Dietician & NHS Diabetes Network Coordinators who were passionate and committed to providing and delivering a first class service for all our children and young people.

I can truly say I left the room knowing that there are many medical professionals out there, who truly understand the day to day challenges of living with Type 1 Diabetes & are dedicated.

Whilst I know that in some area's the Diabetic Specialist Service's leave a lot to be desired. I am confident with PBR (Payment By Results), NHS Diabetes & everyone at the meeting yesterday. For the first time since Claudia was diagnosed I believe That Type 1 Diabetes is on it's way to be recognised & supported for the "life changing complex monk" of a condition that it is.

I would like to say a special thank you to The Diabetes Specialist Team in Leeds & NHS Diabetes for giving me the opportunity to present the Campaign.

Thank you to Medtronic for supporting the event.

For any families out there who are finding life challenging, the future is looking brighter.

Many thanks to everone who has supported & been part of developing the Campaign.
A big hug to my husband who looked after the 5 lovelies yesterday.

As you can see you need a sense of humour,living with me!

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