Thursday, 2 June 2011

Shopping, Children, Type 1 & Coeliac

Oh Yes! I hit Preston City Centre Wearing This T-Shirt!

Well as mad as it seems, I occasionally make the conscious choice of taking the girls into the City Centre shopping. In the back of my mind I now I shouldn't, but then I would never get anything done.

I have needed new glasses for a while, I had my prescription. I just needed to choose the glasses.
We parked up and jumped out of the car.

We hit specsavers first. Claudia had already started to say"I don't feel well". I am shouting what's your BG? whilst trying on frames, at the same time preventing Purdey(2) from destroying the shop. Darcy (6) is shouting "they don't look nice". I suppose I don't really care anymore that it must sound"mad" to anyone not in the know about Type 1. I take a deep breath and move on to the next shop.

This opticians had a box of children's toys!! Phew I thought. Oh no, Purdey thought it was more fun to throw them. Claudia was still saying she didn't feel well, yet her BG was fine. Bella(12) at this point is bored.

At one last attempt of finding a pair, I popped into Boots:
It was quiet, spacious & the staff were relaxed!! So whilst Purdey trashed, Darcy, still kept on saying she didn't like any of the glasses I tried (in her words "mummy they look awful"), the lovely ladies helped my select a pair, whilst not batting an eyelid at my children.

Claudia was getting lower so we suspended the pump.I managed to do this whilst the assistant measured me for the frames.That sorted, I paid & we were ready to leave.

At that point I would have loved to sit in a cafe with a drink & a slice of cake. But yes you guessed, the choice of gluten free cafes is zero in our city!

Yes I always carry gluten free food, but we all miss the carefree, Type 1 & Coeliac free days, where shopping was still chaotic with 5 children, but at least you could crash anywhere & eat/drink without a care in the world.

Anyway, glasses purchased, back to the car & home for dinner.

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  1. Celiac really knows how to mess up your day when you're looking to grab something quick. Now I have to carry a horsesize feedsack everywhere we go so that we always have a snack available.