Thursday, 16 June 2011

This is Our Week

A Toast To The Type 1 Community

I would like to raise a glass & toast to everyone living with Type 1 & their parents. ( at 8.00pm I will be filling my glass & toasting you all , after that I will be having a lie down as I don't usually drink)

This is our week and we should be celebrating what wonderful, super, amazing people we are.

Yes we have good & bad days, life can be challenging.Yet we always have a smile on our faces.( match sticks keeping our eyes open & find our sense of humour)

Our children & young people are a credit to us. Adults with Type 1 you are awesome.(Diva Claudia often makes me feel humble)

Together we can get through the good & bad days.(The moaners & rants page really helps, thanks Roxie & Zara for being Zara)

I love my online Type 1 on line community, which is now World Wide. 

Here's to a brighter future (a cure)!!! Cheers!

Love You All

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