Monday, 27 June 2011

Who Am I ?

Who am I ?

I suppose having 5 children  add a few Long Term Condition's to the mix. The reality is there is very little me time.

Ironing(if I have to)
Night Patrol
Random Blood Glucose Checker!!
Food & Medicine ordering
On Line Bag Shop

the list is endless & I am free, what a bargain!!

I have had very little time to think how I feel & what I need.

These last few weeks have been tough, it's been Fathers Day, today is my dad's birthday, sadly it will be 2 years this coming Saturday that he died. For once I decided to spend some time with my sister, no children, no medical worries, just 2 sisters shopping and having lunch. It suddenly made me realise that in the last few years I have only ever had a couple of days to myself.

I had tried to find my dad since I was 18 on & off. He had left when I was a toddler. Then I stopped for a while when Claudia was diagnosed. How I wish I hadn't. My sister found me through Genes Reunited sadly my father had died a few weeks earlier.

July 2009 I saw a picture of my dad for the first time. This weekend my sister said she would find the old video tapes, so I will be able to hear his voice.

Last weekend was the first time it really hit home after all those years of trying to find him, I will never get the opportunity to meet him & ask him all the questions that had built up over the years.

Most people are able to work through sad situations as they happen, but I have realised that when you have children who require dedicated medical care, sometimes as in this case it can be several years down the line before you get chance to really reflect on how you feel.

Any how it's back to earth with a huge bump! Love sun, but what a nightmare for Claudia, currently on 4.375 basal in 24 hrs(so little) yet still having hypos. Topping her up constantly with long lasting carbs.

Who am I? I am a typical mum who takes everything in her stride that life throws. Occasionally I will cry, shout and be down right miserable. On the whole I just brush myself down, chin up & give everyone a lovely smile.

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