Monday, 25 July 2011

A 100 Runs In A 100 Days For JDRF By Thomas Robinson

One of the positive sides of having a child with Type 1 is: You come into contact with the most amazing people. Thomas Robinson I have to say is truly insppirational. Below is his dedication to supporting our children with Type 1 Diabetes.

A blog to document the highs, lows, thrills and spills of running 100 10K runs in 100 days for the JDRF. The running started on June 11th and the final, 100th run will be the Bupa Great North Run on September 18th. I aim to raise both money and awareness of Type 1 Diabetes, in particular the great work the JDRF do as the leading charity in Type-1 Diabetes research funding. Sponsor me at\100runs4jdrf

run is dedicated to Claudia Allison

It's time to say farewell to Liphook and head back north this morning, via Bedfordshire to pick up Carolyn.  We've had a good time away and it's been great catching up with my family, my sister, her partner and my niece, Grace.  Whilst I was down, I met up with some of my oldest mates in London on Saturday evening, they were full of encouragement and wanting to know all about the challenge.  I logged onto the Justgiving site yesterday to see that Nick and Tom have donated £120 which I'm most grateful for.  Along with Louise Bloxham's further donation (Finlay's Mum, run 40's dedication) this takes me to £930 so far - great stuff!
I'm dedicating today's run to Claudia Allison.  Claudia's Mum Allison emailed me last week:
"Claudia was diagnosed with T1 in May 2008, aged 7 years old.  Now 10, she has a pump and cgm.  Diabetes Power is the website I set up in order to raise awareness of Type 1, along with the "Know the Symptoms" Campaign."
Read Angela's JDRF 1 Campaign Scrapbook entry:

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