Tuesday, 2 August 2011

Holidays & Type 1 Diabetes

Actually it should read Type 1 Sucks!

According To Claudia.

Well I took the plunge and booked 3 nights in Porthmadog in beautiful Wales. Having to entertain my 5 lovelies can be rather challenging to say the least. So off we popped to a static caravan on a Haven Site. "Benidorm in the rain" glitz, bingo, mini disco, tack etc. but the girls just love it!!

Wales, even though it is in the Uk, Darcy insisted it was another Country(technically she is right) I packed 36 cartons of apple juice, 200+ glucotabs, Hypostop, cannula, pens for injections. Yes you are right, I had my very own pharmacy in the boot of the car. Just in case. I know you understand, so I feel ok writing about it.

Did I check out where the nearest Hospital was? Oh yes.

Concentrating so much on the children, I forgot my own clothes for the evening! Doh

Excitement                             = Hypo
Swimming                              =Hypo
Disco                                      =Hypo
PennyFalls                              =Hypo
Several Hours at the beach     =Hypo
Telling off for cheek               =Hypo (then I feel bad)

No matter how much I tweaked, topped up her ladyship, she went hypo! The excitement of the holiday was to much for her.

Swimming hit an all time low of 1.7, even though she got in the pool at 12 and had been topped up.

Did we get a day off from Type 1 no, but we had  fun. The pump gave Claudia the flexibility to eat a load of rubbish as the majority of children do on holiday.

The chef in the restaurant offered to prepare Gluten Free food, if we didn't mind waiting. Loved him.

Did I wish my Claudia could be carefree, yes. That is something that will never go away.
Look Familiar?


  1. I'm glad that you were able to enjoy your holiday regardless of the twists that D throws in! Awesome Chef that you found!!

  2. Glad you had fun. Some day we'll all get more than just one day off from diabetes...we'll get "forever" off. Let's hope that day comes soon. It's time to stop looking for a cure and finding one!

    Captain Glucose & Meter Boy

  3. we have that brand of glucode tabs too!
    glad you had a great time. I still remember our first go at a holiday with diabetes - it was in Wales too.