Sunday, 6 November 2011

Night-times,Seasonal Change & Insulin Needs

During the middle of last week we had some bizarre readings from Claudia. Guess what it was during the night. Just lovely.

Here is a picture of what Claudia's body did!

She went from 3.2 to 20.1 !!! Which is mighty unusual for Claudia. Once again Mr D behaves in a different way. Claudia had the usual 3 glucose tablets,which is " normally "sufficient to take her to about 7-9 and hold her steady through the night. So what was different this evening I thought? Absolutely nothing. Frustrating is not the word. Give us a break, sprang to mind.

This is were Claudia's CGM comes into it's own. I was able to give corrections via the Bolus Wizard Twice! You can see by 7.20am we were back within an acceptable 8.7.

Having said that, next morning Claudia was grumpy, due to fluctuating levels and disturbed sleep. I looked and felt yuuuuuuuuuuuuk !!! Being pleasant that day was very challenging, especially as Claudia had been on auto rant before she left for school.

Claudia was diagnosed 1st May 2008. I noticed, the 1st Autumn that her need for insulin seemed to increase dramatically.I wondered if her "honeymoon period" was coming to an end.

The following Spring her insulin needs started to reduce again and guess what when we hit Autumn her insulin requirement increased once again. A pattern emerges!

This Summer we hit an all time low for insulin, yes 3.5 years after diagnosis and at the age of 10 Claudia was down to 3.1 units of basal in 24 hours ( equiv to approx 3.5 units of levemir/lantus). On occasions her basal rate was 0 for several hours at a time.

We are now well and truly into Autumn. In the last 10 days I have had to increase Claudia's basal by over a unit. Currently her basal is 4.250 in 4 hours. (less than last Autumn)

Is it solely down to the seasons and weather, that drastically changes the need for more or less insulin. Part of me thinks yes and part of me thinks no. As 3.5 years from diagnosis Claudia is on less insulin. It would also appear that year on year her insulin requirements are reducing.

Is that due to better control?  Hand on heart I am not sure. Claudia's highest Hba1c was 7.4 just after diagnosis. For the last 2 years it has been 6.5 % and below.

What will next spring bring? Will she follow the same pattern or will there be a change?  Why am I thinking about it now? (Because I am still trying to outsmart  Mr D!!) I will never learn.

Sometimes my head feels like it is going to explode with all the thoughts of; 
What if ?
Is it that?
Not again!!
What can I try next?

Acceptance that sometimes there are no answers, is so difficult to take on board. Especially as a parent. We want to make everything "better" for our children.

On an upbeat note. Thank you Medtronic for having a skin that matched Claudia's outfit.

What a match !!!


  1. Sometimes there is just no explaining D, thats for sure!!!!
    Good luck with the numbers and just remember to not let the D monster get the best of you! :)


  2. We have found that each new season brings new insulin needs as well. Love the Medtronic skins...what a match!