Wednesday, 14 March 2012

Supermarket's & children. When will I learn.

We love shopping with mummy!!

These days the simple things in life get me excited.

For example the opening of a new supermarket. Oh yes Waitrose has opened in the Preston area.

It was in that state of excitement I had the brainwave. I would go shopping after school with my little lovelies.

So I picked them up from school and announced we were going to the "new supermarket". They were as excited as me. At this point reality should have dawned and I should have driven straight home and ordered on line.

Car journeys are predictable these days, they poke, snatch and generally take great pleasure in irritating each other. I have learnt however, to take parental revenge: turn the radio up loud and sing in a very very loud voice. It stops them in their tracks! Yes I sound dreadful and it could be described as "crimes to ones ears".

On arrival, it only took me 4 attempts to park the car, not bad for me.

I dutifully lifted my lovelies from the car.

Of course there is a cafe !! Please mummy, please, please, oh please, we will be really good. pleassssse.
You guessed it I caved and we entered the cafe.

The usual going through my mind, yes 1,2,3, 4 (number 5 was at friends) yes all children present. Please let them have something that is gluten free and carb counted!!!! Claudia is reading the menu making faces.

So I plucked up the courage to ask if the soup was gluten free. I was met with a lovely smile and I have no idea, but I will find out. ooo I thought. She came back and said no, but we will get a gluten free soup off the shop floor and gluten free bread.  Result !!!! Love Love Love the staff there.

Needless to say the 4 lovelies sat down ate their food and coloured. Mistake number 2. I had given them fuel for the trip around the supermarket.

Claudia got a trolley, Purdey couldn't make up her mind if she wanted to sit in or walk. How they love just to pick up everything and put it in the trolley (bank of parents is bottomless to children!!). So I spent a lot of time putting items back. It's like the real life version of "supermarket sweep".

Wide isles and polished floors = children sliding and ultimately crashing !!
Whilst trying to give the appearance of cool, calm everything under control mummy. I was whispering, 6 o'clock bed for you all and wait until your father hears about this, it's the last time I bring you.......

Phone call from hubby are you home? No honey still at the supermarket. Really? Yes really!!

Eventually we  arrived at the checkout. Claudia said I "don't feel well" Yes you guessed it Claudia was hypo. I sat Claudia on the floor, checked her bg and gave her some glucose tabs.

I got up and realised Purdey had run off !!!  I alerted the staff. By this point I still looked calm but my heart was in my mouth.

We found Purdey pickers peppers in the veg section. (not joking)

We arrived back at the check out. The lovely lady from the cafe was packing my bags.Claudia is still sat on the floor recovering from a hypo.

Darcy and Felicity were chatting to the gentleman on the check out as if this was an every day occurrence.

Bags packed, children counted, loaded the car and drove home. I arrived home and hubby said "why did you take them all shopping" My answer, because I am stupid !!

As much as I love my girls, they are officially banned from any further supermarket expeditions.

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  1. I remember doing the supermarket sweep but with only 2 and that was fraught enough!! Next time solo with time for a nice peaceful cappuccino at the cafe....