Monday, 23 April 2012

Raising Awareness Of Type 1 & Starting A New Job!

You can buy these car stickers from me.

Well I have started my new job as an Emergency Mobile Warden. Covering 5.00pm to 9.00am the following morning on a rota basis. So if you see someone in the early hours of the morning wearing a "stylish neon yellow jacket" & waving a huge torch, it could well be me!

Finding work that fits in with a  family of 5, without incurring child care costs is difficult.  I also have to take into account that school often call and need support from me to help care for Claudia.

On my many missions to drive a Type 1 Awareness Campaign forward.
A "well known"  pharmacy invited me to a meeting to discuss raising awareness of Type 1 Diabetes in Children.

The Day Of The Meeting! I had been on call the previous nights and had forgotten to get some "nude tights" to go with the dress I was wearing to the meeting. I eventually managed to dig out a pair of stockings and miraculously a suspender belt (distant memory, from before the children). I jumped in my car and headed towards Coventry.

Having  negotiated my way successfully to my destination (love sat nav!!). The car park was full.
A lovely chap said "follow me I will take you to the overflow car park". So I followed him and parked the car. It was a bit of a trek back to the office. So in my infinite wisdom I decided to take a short cut.

Yes, in 5 inch heels and suspenders I climbed over a fence. I didn't fall, get stuck just a slight set back my suspenders decided to "ping off"  on the footpath of a very busy dual carriage way. What can I say, several "beeping horns " later I managed to make myself respectable and get to the meeting on time. Ahh yes, Donald decided to call to make sure I had arrived safely. I told him of my predicament, expecting sympathy. He couldn't speak for laughing.!! Needless to say I cut the conversation short.

It was a very interesting meeting. They are looking at putting a Type 1 campaign together later this year.They had lot's of ideas and were very keen to get make the campaign supportive and effective.I know they have been in contact with Charities and people and families living with Type 1.

I also attended the Diabetes UK event to discuss what their "Children's Campaign" should focus on.

So hopefully by the end of the year there should be several Type 1 Campaign being rolled out. It like buses nothing for ages then several together!!!!

If anyone wants any free posters or leaflets to put up in their area,please email:

If you would like to share this video link, it is a small example of children who live with Type 1.

At the end of the video is a beautiful/sad poem.

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