Monday, 11 June 2012

Diabetes Power Challenge !!

Would DUK consider a challenge ?

Diabetes Uk as the "leading, largest "Diabetes Charity" in the UK:

How about over the next 12 months making the Media Distinguish cleary which Type of Diabetes they are talking about ?

If talking about Type 2 Diabetes, then clearly state Type 2 Diabetes. Also stating that Type 2  Diabetes is not always related to weight and Lifestyle.

If talking about Type 1 Diabetes, clearly stating Type 1 Diabetes evertime and stating it is an autoimmune disease which can't be prevented. There is no known cure.

I believe if the above basics can be achieved then it will give firm foundations to build on, in educating the wider public and health professionals.
Maybe you could start the ball rolling by stating clearly in all your articles, maybe in bold or using blue ink ?

This will cost nothing to implement and perhaps.

This is the challenge I have just posted on DUK wall, feel free to comment on DUK's  facebook page and say if you support the challenge.

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