Friday, 7 September 2012

Children's Landmark Days & Type 1 Diabetes

Claudia's 1st day at High School.
This was me !!!!!

Well what a week! 4 back a school, 1 at nursery and I am at work.

There are many occasions in our children's lives that are a sign they are growing up all too quickly.
As a parent I knew that I would experience a whole host of emotions, what I had never factored into the equation were all the added emotions that Type 1 Diabetes and Coeliac would bring with it:

Tears of joy and sadness
You have got to be joking, where did that hypo or hyper come from???
Emergency kit in school
Emergency kit in car
School bag weighing 10 kilo's (from BG meter's ........ gluten free food)

We survived the primary school experience. For Claudia it was very positive and to be honest her teachers and teaching assistants were truly inspirational. In my opinion indulged Claudia far too often. I am glad they did.

So huge deep breath from me and a very excited Claudia this week. On Wednesday she started High School. Where have the years gone? Claudia was just 7 when she was diagnosed, now she is 11 and at High School.

Hand on heart I have been teary a lot of the holidays, worrying if High School would take good care of Claudia. I have had to hide those fears from Claudia. I wanted her to feel confident and excited.

I feel one of the biggest battles: Our children look "normal" from the outside. Sadly that can be the very reason people do not realise that Type 1 Diabetes is a life long condition with no known cure only Insulin as their 24/7 life support.So often they are not supported as they should be within education and indeed the community.

High School had agreed to allow us to deliver a  presentation about Type 1 Diabetes and how to support Claudia in her self care. We were given 20 minutes !! mmmmm

Having OCD, I was ready with my Power Point, armed with a  pump and teddy for demonstration. The evil minx in me did think about asking a teacher to volunteer.

Then everything changed, I was offered a job, which I accepted. Only down side I had to start...... you guessed it this week. So I had to entrust the presentation to my beloved husband Donald!! That was so very very very hard for me being such a control freak !!
Donald said the presentation went well and all the teachers were present. He had over 40 minutes due to the questions the teachers asked. Poor Donald was interrogated for over an hour when I returned home from work.

Only time will tell if they have truly taken on board what a truly complex condition Type 1 is. No matter how amazing our children are at self care. They are still children. Sometimes that's what hurts me the most. I just want Claudia to be carefree like I was as a child, but sadly she can't.

Bless her cotton socks, she has text me every day with her levels etc. Yes school agreed to her having a mobile phone at all times and she can contact me at any point in time if she is concerned or needs advice. That really has helped my OCD and give me peace of mind.

What I do find draining is that all the Landmark days are such a battle.

I have known for a while now, Claudia's thyroid is  "showing anti-bodies" In May 2011 she screened clear. In May 2012 her antibody levels were that high they went past the lab's register scale.
We have been advised that in the near future it is very likely,Claudia's thyroid will stop functioning and she will require medication. I am just  coming to terms with the news. I have explained it all to Claudia, she has taken it in her stride. (in many respects that makes it more heartbreaking) I did struggle when she asked why me ? I simply just had no answer, other than to say we were unique and had quirky genes!

Claudia and Isabella. Note the difference in length of the school skirts. I am always shouting pull your skirt down!!!


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