Friday, 19 October 2012

Quality In Care Diabetes Award (QIC)

I was very proud last year when Diabetes Power won the QIC People's Award.

This year I was equally delighted to present the award to this years winner Zoe Scott from Hedgie Prick Diabetes .

To find out more about the Zoe Scott and her work

Life is never that simple. Finding a babysitter to take care of 5 little lovelies is challenging, add Type 1,coeliac and teenage attitude it is virtually impossible. On the last minute we managed to pull it all together. My lovely niece Charlotte came to the rescue supported by my truly amazing friend Marie-Louise, who understands my paranoia 100%. Most of all a huge thank you to Vanessa or "Diabeticness" who popped in to make sure Diva Claudia was ok.
Very strange as her timing was "perfect" Claudia was hypo. I felt so much better knowing there was someone who truly understood what Claudia was going through and there to support her until she felt better.

4 hours later we arrived in Guildford Surrey. The Awards Ceremony was at Sanofi's Head Office.
My dilemma, where do I get changed?? Hotel ? Toilet's? No! I had to get changed in a multi-storey car park! It's a long time since I have had to put tights on in the back of a car. Ahhh those were the care free days BC (before children)

Bright lights not good at my age.

Hair brushed, lippy applied and the compulsory 5inch heels I was ready to go. I was actually more nervous this year than last. I had to do a video interview first. I got a little tongue tied and being diplomatic isn't my best quality these days.

It was inspiring to meet the truly inspirational teams who were delivering excellent care and services for people living with Diabetes. This gives me hope for the future, that "best practise" will be shared and taken up by all teams across the UK.

PMGroup  asked me to write a blog about why I set up Diabetes Power. They published it in the Event Programme.

Why I set up DP.
Very Proud

I sometimes feel that there is little or no recogition for all the work that we do to raise awareness of Type 1 Diabetes, all the money we raise for the Charities, yet we are the very people living the life. I think it is time for change.


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