Wednesday, 12 January 2011

Diabetes Road Trip

Leeds is a 240 miles return trip.
Managed it in my killer heels though!

I suppose I have come to realise over that last 2 & 1/2 years what support we need from our Diabetes Care Team.

Most important is: that they understand our family situation and listen. Not a lot to ask in my humble opinion.

I did try and give our local hospital one last chance, but when again it was said that " Claudia could not possibly feel dizzy at a BG of 9. I knew we would never return. Why would they doubt how a very articulate 9 year old said she felt and more to the point dismiss her feelings.(I did as my previous blog says have a few choice words to say to that consultant)

So off we drove to Leeds. We have been once before and they were wonderful, but it is such a trek across the M61 & 62 for the whole family.

We arrived just in time for our appointment. Due to my faffing! The staff were lovely, they booked Claudia in and spoke to Claudia rather than me. They did her height, weight and blood pressure.

We waited a short while in which Claudia had her Hba1c taken (6.7 %). Normally Claudia always insists I go with her, this time she just trotted off on her own. Perhaps the relaxed atmosphere helped.

The dietitian came to sit with us for a chat. We had sent a food diary to her previously. The information she gave us was amazing, it was a full report highlighting all Claudia's intake etc. It was a really helpful document and very easy to read. The dietitian was really supportive and constructive, working with us to try and encourage Claudia to eat a little more fish!! (Claudia hates all fish with a passion).

We then went into to see the whole team. They had download all the information from the pump, CGM and the BG meter.

I had to get dizziness issue addressed!
I nearly cried when the consultant said she would expect Claudia to feel dizziness at 9.0 as she was well controlled. For nearly a year our local hospital have said it was not possible!!

We talked about many aspects of diabetes and for the first time in nearly 3 years I felt relaxed and that the team understood how we felt.

They gave me some great tips for putting in the CGM and pump. They talked through the reports from the pump and sensor.

They loved the fact that Claudia had her CGM in her arm.

I also mentioned about Claudia's growth, once again they didn't brush over it, they are monitoring it over the next 6 months.

So much more .......................................

I came out with a huge smile and big sigh of relief. For once in nearly 3 years I had no battles just support!! They are supporting our application for further funding for a CGM.

Best of all they understood why I suffered from OCD Diabetes! Priceless LOL!!

The only thing they asked was that Claudia used 1 or 2 BG meter's rather than the 6 that she normally uses due to which kind of mood she is in or what she is wearing. Well a girl has to be coordinated!

I feel it is vital with any long term condition, that the team who deliver the care understand your needs and work with you. Without that life is more challenging than it needs to be.

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