Monday, 17 January 2011

Mother Madness

Well I can't complain as having 5 children is self inflicted and perhaps I should have bought a television years ago.

What a day today. I am not sure what time it started but my vision was impaired due to lack of sleep. Purdey came into our room requesting the iPhone and Octonaught's. Purdey is aged 2 and can operate an iPhone beautifully. I managed to say " you have to be joking, get in bed and go to sleep. So she got in our bed !

At around 6.00am Flissy got up and came into our room, well that was it. The play party began.

I walked into their bedrooms and walked out again. Mess was not the word.

Around 8.30am Donald took 4 to school, a sigh of relief passed through my lips as I smiled and waved goodbye.

It was just Purdey and I. Should be easy! Well if you have not had the pleasure of meeting Purdey, perhaps this sums her up it's like having a beautiful Tasmanian Devil on speed.

I thought I would blog, mistake number 1. Although I managed it lying down typing I had to endure Purdey standing on my back, so she could look out of the window, whilst holding my iPhone.

Blog finished I got Purdey dressed, put her in the pram and went out for a walk in the village. Purdey went to sleep and I had a coffee in the local cafe. Message flashed on my phone, voicemail from school. Purdey strikes again she had put the phone on to vibrate.

I called school, Claudia wasn't well. So I had to run the mile home with the pram to collect the car to go up to school. Not a pretty sight.

Purdey was upset and didn't want to get in her car seat. She did her usual trick of clouting me like I was a symbol.

Collected Claudia, Flissy & Darcy at 2.30pm.

I think Claudia was pulling a fast one. As she ate the chocolate I bought her ! (my test to see how unwell they are, she failed!!)

Bought Flissy some new school shoes, as her other ones were far too small (bad mother hadn't realised)
Arrived home and daughter number 5 comes through the door.

Mum can I have ? must be the most used phrase in our house. I fed and watered them, to grumbles of I don't like this. By which time the diplomat in me had vanished and my answer is: eat it or you will be hungry as I am making nothing else.

Even when I go to the toilet they follow me. Classic Purdey came in Pee Pee Mummy so she went in the shower! What can I say.

6.30pm Donald arrives home, thank god! A distraction for the children.

7.00pm 4 in bed.

7.30 I send myself to bed. Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh bliss peace.

I wouldn't change my life for the world, but it can get wild.(Except for Mr D & Mr C)

Isabella has just shouted : "Mum why is there a story book in the fridge" Who knows!!


  1. I'm so glad you introduced yourself to me. I'm a homeschooling mom of 3. One of which was just recently diagnosed with type 1 and celiac. I had to laugh at your comment, "eat it or you will be hungry...". I told my husband that I feel like I live in the kitchen. I take the same approach as you do. If they don't like the option, there's always carrots in the fridge. It's amazing how all of a sudden their food looks more

  2. LOVE IT!!!!!

    Motherhood is quite an amazing adventure, isn't it? Sometimes I look around and think there just couldn't be another family on earth who deals with the crazy quirks that seem normal around here. Sounds like we're in good company :)

    As for our dinner rule, you eat what I make or you get (GF) oatmeal. There's no other options. Since we pre-bolus for meals, I had to come up with a solution and that was it!

  3. chuckle chuckle chuckle... you do make me laff..;)xxx