Tuesday, 1 February 2011

12 Years Old And Sticking To The Coeliac Diet.

No, they have gluten in them. Isabella " that's alright I will have one anyway, they look yummy"
Coeliac Disease and Children=Harsh

Isabella has always loved her food ! When she was diagnosed at 10 with Coeliac Disease, it hit her really hard. However because she was at Primary School we were able to keep her on the straight and narrow, with the support of school. She only strayed on the odd occasion. (Yorkie being the culprit, she just couldn't say no)

However, in September 2010 Isabella started High School. We thought that we would give her the opportunity to be responsible, optimistic I know. School were aware she had Coeliac Disease. As a parent you have to show you are willing to trust them.

This is sweet, in a sad way: Her best friend told her mum, Isabella was eating food that was not gluten free. She was concerned as she didn't want Isabella to become ill. Marie- Louise told me.

I rang school and asked for a print out of every item Isabella had bought.
Well what can I say: The print out came home, I was shocked as I expected to see a few "forbidden" items, what I wasn't prepared to see, was a list that would suggest Isabella didn't have Coeliac Disease.

List of Forbidden Foods Consumed:

Bacon Sandwich
Chicken Nugget
Muesli Bars

Part of me laughed as there is nothing like having a complete blow out, part of me cried as I understood why, but also the damage that she was doing to her body.

We had a heart to heart, she cried, I said I wished things were different. She promised me she would not eat food with gluten in again.

Lol : she carried on as before: resulting in her lunch card being taken off her.

I had a meeting with the school, we have agreed that I will put a business case together for them to provide gluten free foods and they will see if they can introduce gluten free food into the school lunch system

Until then Isabella's card is in my purse. She has a packed lunch of course !!
I know have the headache of putting a case together!! In order to stop Bella "glutening" herself.
So we have the goody two shoes, Claudia, wouldn't even sniff gluten and Isabella who is addicted to gluten.
ahhhhh the joys of autoimmune diseases!!


  1. mine are still in primary school and no not to eat "poorly food", even if the younger ones don't know why yet. hope Isabella can find gf that she likes

  2. My heart ached for her in this post. UGH...that is rough.

  3. Reyna,

    It breaks my heart too. If only I had a magic wand xxxxxxxx