Tuesday, 8 March 2011

10 Downing Street

Please Will You Listen To us, We deserve Better!
Oh Yes it's the mouthy northern lass.

True Diabetes Power

What an amazing feeling, together we have managed to gain over 500 signatures on the Pump & CGM Petition:

Nearly 300 signatures on the Red Book Petition:

On the 22nd march 2011 we will be attending 10 Downing Street to hand in the petitions on behalf of everyone living with diabetes. (Kellie's birthday & 2 days after Claudia's birthday)

You never know if we keep the pressure up, maybe one day common sense will prevail with the powers that be, and people living with diabetes will receive excellent, consistent treatment no matter where they live, until that day I will continue to do battle.

Some people may wonder why, my answer is simple: Claudia did nothing wrong, she was healthy active and had a smile for everyone.Yet on the 1st may 2008 she developed Type 1 Diabetes and our lives changed forever.

What I found more shocking as the weeks went by were the battles with the medical profession to; carb count, get an insulin pump, CGM & early on blood glucose strips. I have jumped and tackled all these hurdles but my aim is: for them to be knocked down and never put back up!

Had a mad day today , got lost in Manchester, went the wrong way up a one way street and was 2 hours late for my appointment. How can that happen, my map said I was 1/2 mile away and 4 minute drive! ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

On the plus side I now know the Northern Quarter of Manchester very well.

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  1. You are inspirational in all you are doing to advocate for quality care of person's with type 1. Keep it up! And...Thank YOU!