Friday, 11 March 2011

If only Diabetes was as simple as E=mc2

Lee & Me.
If Diabetes = E=mc2 Bg levels would be constantly perfect!
On the 26th August 2003 we lost our little boy Charles at nearly 20 weeks pregnant. The following year we lost Xavier at 15 weeks. Although they were small they were perfect. We held them both. They are buried side by side in the children's part of the cemetery.

I don't know how we got through the next couple of years and it had a massive strain on our marriage. What we did learn was: that everyone deals with situations in their own way and to be honest there is no right or wrong way in my humble opinion.

When Claudia was diagnosed, in a sad way what had happened with the boys, helped us through the early months, the understanding that we both dealt with an awful situation in very different ways.
In a strange way, dealing with diabetes is like a form of bereavement as your child " has changed forever". We didn't know anyone who had a child with Type 1 diabetes. At this point in time we had 4 children and we were expecting our 5th. The world seemed a very lonely place.
I had no one to talk to, who truly understood.

Over the next few months Donald became a "domestic goddess", whilst I spent a lot of time crying and becoming "OCD" about diabetes.

Sadly the only perfect treatment for Type 1 is a cure and until that day we have to manage our children the best way we can.

I feel the most important ingredients are: informed choice and if it fits in with your family.
We have a pump and cgm, which is great for us. However it is not the right option for all children and families for a variety of reasons.

There are so many conflicting reports about the "best " treatment options for diabetes, which makes life even more challenging as sometimes you don't know what to do for the best. It can be soul destroying.

It would be so much easier if the medical profession would agree, but sadly I fear that will never happen!!

My advice to any parent with a child who has Type 1 is: if it works for you and you are happy, that's what counts no matter what anybody else says or does.

If it hadn't been for meeting Lee, Roxie, Sarah,Anna & Bernie in the early days I would never have made any friends on face book.

Today I have so many amazing friends, who have Type 1, Type 2 & parents of children with Type 1. I count this as a blessing. On the occasions that I have a "dark diabetes day" I log in and you all make me smile and the world of diabetes doesn't seem so "dark"


  1. It's great that you found a support group to help you through those dark days!

    I'm so sorry for your losses. May God bless your beautiful family!

  2. thank you for sharing your story. I had 2 miscarriages followed by a stillbirth. When our eldest was in dka I was teriffied I'd loose another child. We have 3 children now, 2 have diabetes.

  3. well.... you my heart skip a beat .... your honesty you... and your family are amazing...xxxx

  4. I have had a very hard time, feeling alone in this diabetic world. Blogging has helped me tremendously! :)