Sunday, 20 March 2011

10 Today!!

I am perfect!! I just need a little help from by friend Mr Insulin.
Pretty in Pink.
Claudia was 10 today, where have the last 3 years gone I ask myself? She was just 7 when she was diagnosed with Type 1 Diabetes & Coeliac Disease.

She is growning into a beautiful young lady who we are very proud of! Although she has a tendency to be a bit lippy on occasions. In fact a lot lippy!!

I remember her 1st birthday after she had been diagnosed. We turned the house into Club Claudia and had a disco, there where children everywhere!!

It was a great party in many respects and I suppose we were as usual compensating for her life being a little tough to say the least. Did we spoil her? Oh yes!!

The only sad part of the party for us that day was: we had to limit what she ate, at that point in time she was on MDI (multiple daily injections) but our hospital didn't teach you to carb count !! We also had to inject her during her party.

Today's party was very different as Claudia has a Medtronic Veo Pump & CGM(continuous glucose monitor/sensor).

She drank and ate to her hearts content like every child should do on their birthday.

But still, as I watched her play and bounce around with her friends, it really hit home that outwardly she looks perfect and indeed is perfect, yet underneath that beautiful exterior is a little chink in her genetics, which means that she will always require insulin to keep her healthy & alive.

She is vibrant, funny and on occasions an absolute monkey who is adored by her family and friends.
But perhaps the reason most people don't understand how complex Type 1 is: Outwardly our children look perfect(are perfect), who would ever think from these pictures that Claudia required permanent life support each and every day in the form of insulin.


  1. Just cried at this blog, feeling rather emotional because of my health problems and this is SO true. They are perfect, but just need a little help from Mr I because of Mr D. And Claudia is a very special little girl xxx

  2. Happy birthday, Claudia!!!! :)

    I think you're right. I think that because T1D is "invisible" in many respects, it seems a lot less serious and complicated than it really is.

  3. I totally agree, where does time go? We are staring down our 1 yr dia-versary.
    Happy Birthday to your beautiful daughter xx.

  4. Congratulations Claudia!
    I think the part about our children looking perfect and absolutely fine is one of the hardest parts of this disease. So often people say to me ' But he looks fine!' But he isn't.