Saturday, 7 May 2011

5 Children + Type 1 + Coeliac Disease = Chaos


It started Last Monday when we had a delivery fail on the pump! Easily sorted change of cannula, correction and sorted. Well, I am really not sure what went wrong? Had the pump actually delivered the insulin? Monday night & the early hours of Tuesday morning it was "hypo city"  for 3-4 hours she was hovering on 4 & below.

We gave her 100g of carbs & no insulin. The pump was suspended for 2 hours. It was our worst night in 3 years. I kept her at home as she was exhausted and so was I. It took until Thursday for the hypo's to stop even though we reduced her basal by 2 units & suspended the pump.

Then guess what? her levels are no going the other way! Oh the joys of doing battle with Mr D!

I ask myself Why? What happened ? What did we do wrong?
Was it:

Growth spurt?

Hand on heart I have no idea and I truly believe, when dealing with the human body some question will never be answered.
What I do know is: If Mr Diabetes played football he would be sent off every single match!


A blur due to lack of sleep Claudia still at home.I still had to go to the supermarket,the bank, visit the chap that is designing my posters, collect prescriptions ...............


Just required match sticks to keep my eyes open. Hit a wing mirror on a van, they were lovely and said it didn't matter.My lovely friend Marie-Louise arrived with a latte & porridge. Ian arrived for me to select my winter stock of Paul Frank. So glad Marie-Louise was here to help me select as stringing a sentence together was challenging.Claudia was feeling a little better. Hypo's take so much out of her and leave her bad tempered and tired. So my ears were sore to!!


No match sticks required, but I look rubbish. I took Claudia & Purdey to the play area. No hypo's things are really looking up! Both girls had a fab time. I drank gallons of coffee. Donald dropped asleep at his desk.
He had taken the other little lovelies to school all week to help me.


Just as quickly as Claudia's levels dropped they are now are climbing. Off to school she went!


Well what can I say but Isabella's High School All Hallows have been amazing! After me speaking to her Head Of Year, submitting a Business Case for provision of gluten free school meals. I met with the Head Teacher & School Cook, they have agreed to provide gluten free meals.

This is a massive weight off my mind. Isabella has really struggled since she started High School in September & has been glutening her self on a regular basis!!!! Which I do understand as she didn't want to appear different from her peers.
So from Monday she will get her smart card back and she will be able to have a hot school lunch & a bacon roll at break if she wants.

I decided to treat myself and have my nails painted. In theory it should have been relaxing. However I had Purdey with me. She decided it would be great to climb on me and try and get on my shoulders! She did entertain the other clients.

The rest of the gang arrive home from school + friends. Wow the noise is unbelievable.

Today Saturday!

Yes I had a lie in!! No alarms through the night! Yes, when I did get up they had wrecked the house.

When I look at what we have to do during the average week I wonder how "D" families manage. No matter what happens we still have to carry on with every day living.

My fab friend  Marie -Louise  said to me :" I don't know how you manage to juggle  everything, the only balls you aren't juggling are Donalds!"  That's the "D" Life for You!!

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  1. What a wreck of a week....I can't even imagine :(