Saturday, 23 July 2011

Control Freak Me? Never! & Claudia Question's

Oh Yes !! With OCD Too!!

Being such a control freak and suffering from OCD Diabetes. I love the summer holidays for many reasons.

Having my 5 little lovelies at home is wild, fun, very loud and on many occasions completely insane!!
Oh yes I have complete control (Type 1, not the children) as I am able to watch Claudia like a hawk.

To some people that may seem unhealthy, but when you have a child with Type 1 Diabetes your goals in life change. As a parent you are told that the better control you have, the less potential impact Type 1 will have on your child in their later years. That's a huge responsibility & challenge.

My little goody two shoes (Claudia) has started to stray from the straight and narrow. She was busted stuffing her face with haribo!! Her reply "well I put the right amount of carbs in and they are gluten free" So we had a little chat about healthy eating and taking extra care.

Whilst having a 10 year old that is smart and very articulate can be an advantage on many occasions. Sometimes it's a right royal pain, as she always has an answer for everything. My eyes often roll up to Heaven.

When Claudia is at home during the holiday's the question about her Type 1 Diabetes seem to be more frequent. At  10, Claudia is wanting more independence and answers to more questions.This is an area I have no control over and can be sad on many occasions.

Today's Questions:

"Mum when I grow up and have children, will my children have Type 1 Diabetes & Coeliac Disease?"
My answer: I really don't know the answer to that Claudia.
"Yes but mum because I have them, surely my children are more likely to develop Diabetes & Coeliac"?
My answer: There is a strong possibility, yes.
"mmmmm" says Claudia.

Remember you can do anything you wants.Yes mum, I know but I am different and I don't like having Diabetes & Coeliac Disease.(tears follow)To be honest I don't blame her!! Personally I can't stand either condition, all I can say is:  as an adult you will be able to live as "normal life as possible"

I gave her a big hug, as there is really nothing else I can say or do.

Whilst I  love the fact she can be so open and honest. It hurts as a parent when you can't make things better. 

6 weeks of full control taking care of Claudia's Diabetes
6 weeks of lot's of questions about Type 1 & Coeliac
6 weeks of noise, laughter, fun & madness

So if you see a mum with a tribe of children behind her looking a little nutty, it will more than likely be me!!

Adds up to 1 tired, happy mummy come September !!! Then I have to learn to let go again as Claudia will be in year 6. This is her final year before high school and I will have to try really hard and try and allow her to be more independent, so that she will be prepared for high school.

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