Saturday, 16 July 2011

Letter From Our GP's

Dear PCT I have 5 girls who have cakes & biscuits as part of a varied healthy diet!! They are the correct weight for their height  and are very active!!!!

I had heard rumours, so perhaps I shouldn't have been surprised.

Well what can I say I woke up to a lovely letter from our GP's.

It stated that in line with our Local PCT's recommendation, they will no longer provide gluten free cakes or biscuits on prescription. I never knew you could order cakes, which speaks volumes for informed choice!! We only ever ordered "Tea Biscuits" & short bread on an odd occasion,as they were very useful as "longer lasting carbs" if Claudia was experiencing frequent hypo's.

The reason: To help support people have a healthy diet!!  Why do they try to hide behind ridiculous statements ? We all know it is funding related. They then go on to recommend that you" purchase cakes and biscuits from the gluten free range stocked at your local supermarket".

Everything in moderation should be eaten as part of a Health Diet!

Anyone who requires a gluten free diet will already be aware that gluten free food is normally at least twice the price of "food containing gluten".

 2 out of my 5 girls have Coeliac Disease with a third, who has just been tested!! Currently gluten free food adds at least £40.00 pounds a week to our food bill.

My concern is what will they remove next ? Whilst we are able to manage, my concerns lie with families that are financially struggling, which are many in this climate!!

On top of caring for a child or loved one with all the worries that brings, it would appear that a financial burden is heading our way !!

What makes me cross  is that Type 1 Diabetes & Coeliac Disease are conditions that cannot be prevented or on many occasions predicted. It came as a massive shock to our family.

Yet the GP's & PCT's are happy to fund many items & services for people who perhaps could have prevented their condition. I am not judging anyone, we are all human. Sometimes I just get fed up with delivering dedicated care to my children only to have to fight for the best care & basics.

Caring for a child with a long term condition is challenging enough as it is, without the professional's making it even harder!! Have they consulted anyone in our area or asked their thought ? No !!!
Have they produced an audit to show how many cakes & biscuits are ordered? No !

The majority of people making these rules do not have the condition and often are in a good financial position.

In my humble opinion  people living the life need to be consulted before changes are made.

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  1. You hit it right on the head, "The majority of people making these rules do not have the condition and often are in a good financial position."

    This is exactly how I feel with universal healthcare. The people that make the law are EXEMPT! Why is that???? HMMM.......Scary stuff!