Thursday, 14 July 2011

Type 1 Diabetes By Claudia Aged 8

As you do rummaging through drawers I found the booklet that Claudia wrote when she was 8.
12 months after diagnosis.

Claudia has given me permission to publish lol she is such a Diva!!
It makes me very proud as her mummy to see how much she understood about her condition at the age of 8.(sad too).

I love that she feels confident & open and is able to write down her thoughts.

I think the last page is very striking!!


  1. hi my name is anne i have been touched by your daughters story. i have been diabetic for 41 yrs i was 12 an went in a diabetic coma due to the fact GP,s then probably didnt know much about it. iwas given about half an hour to live. so i was lucky and always looked after myself,but it is taking its toll now for the length of time i have had it i have got retinopathy in both eyes and other nerve complications . xxx anne