Wednesday, 24 August 2011

Aged 74, Type 2 & Aged 10, Type 1

Pop's Who Has Been A Huge Support For Claudia

Claudia A Few Months Before Diagnosed

This is a beautiful example of how the old & the young, Type 2 & Type 1 diabetes can help support each other through a special understanding.

For many years before Claudia was diagnosed with Type 1 Diabetes. My father in law had "developed/suffered" from Type 2 Diabetes. To say that he really neglected his condition is a huge understatement, with a Hba1c of 14!! one has to say he had completely ignored all the advice given by his GP & nurse.

In May 2008 Claudia developed Type 1 Diabetes. Donald's mum and dad were devastated and even offered to fly over to help support us.

On their next visit to see us, we noticed how Claudia made a "bee line" towards "Pops". We had told her "Pops" had Diabetes. They started having regular chats about blood glucose levels and many aspects of how Diabetes affected their daily life. Claudia gave Pops a new meter & a book to write his blood glucose levels in. She gave him strict instructions on regular testing and eating a healthy diet.She is such a bossy boots! What made me laugh was Don didn't bat an eyelid and just agreed.

This special bond has grown stronger over the last 3 years. Even when they chat on Skype or the phone they will be talking about blood glucose levels etc.

Pop's last Hba1c was 7% !!! So together they have supported each other and have an understanding that as a parent without Diabetes I will never know.

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  1. That's awesome that they have a bond like that. My mom has Type 2 and even though I've had problems with my mom I hope her and my daughter will be able to bond in that same way.