Saturday, 20 August 2011

Having A Supportive Clinic & CGM Results

This just highlights how Type 1 affects the body!!

I feel very lucky to have found a very supportive Diabetes Care Team based at St James Hospital in Leeds.

Like many other parents attending clinic with children or adults who attend, 3/4 of the conversation I can never remember!!

I am so nervous and busy praying that Claudia's Hba1c is within range that the whole appointment becomes very surreal.

On this occasion we saw James, who was lovely & Dr Campbell and the rest of the team popped in to say hello. they have a way of making children & parents feel very welcome.

The readings from the CGM were amazing!! However it shows clearly how Type 1 affects the body. I would love to put a CGM reading from someone who doesn't have Type 1 Diabetes and compare their reading to Claudia's. I am sure it would really highlight the effect Type 1 Diabetes has on the body. It's no wonder our children feel moody, teary, etc

So it is a huge relief when Leeds send Claudia & I our little reminder card.I have implemented the changes they have recommended. Even though we are very confident at adjusting Claudia's insulin. A fresh pair of expert eyes giving you a few pointers is priceless.

I am also very proud as Claudia has taken even more control of her care. She achieved a Hba1c of 6.3. If Claudia say's she doesn't want to do something, I never make her.

It's the little things that go a long way to support us in the day to day care. It also is lovely to have it in writing telling us how well we are managing.

Over the next 3 months Claudia will be taking even more responsibility. Part of me is very proud. Part of me is sad, as at the age of 10 she shouldn't have a care in the world. The final part of me knows that this is her life until a cure is found, heartbreaking but true.Claudia decides each and every time, what she would like to manage on her own. We are on our 12 month count down to High School!!


  1. I have thought about putting the cgm on myself out of curiosity. I might not want to know what the reading look like. :/

    I am fighting with myself when it comes to Justin taking responsibility too. He has the rest of his life to deal with this stuff... He shouldn't have to start now. BUT, I am going back to work full time and he needs to take on a little more. Its a tough inner battle for a mama.

    Great A1C by the way :)

  2. Hi Lora
    It's a constant battle inside as a parent as we want to take away all the hurt, etc. Claudia's primary school are amazing. They really take good care of her. Sadly High School probably will not provide the same standard of care.

    Pray for that cure. i just want her to be a little girl with no worries xxx Huge hugs xx

  3. Hello Angela-
    I am a type 1 Diabetic on an insulin pump and found your blog through another Diabetic. I am currently fighting my insurance to get CGM. I didn't have this disease as a kid, I got it at 19 but my two younger brothers dealt with it at younger ages. I was wondering how your daughter likes the CGM? I had it for the Ipro period for my insurance's authorization rules and I hated it. It failed in three locations and I am unable to use my abdomen for anything as the pain after 24 hours in unbearable. I want to use the CGM for obvious reasons, lowering my A1C, but am horrified I am still going to hate it. It was very painful the entire time and the annoying tape was just gross. Did you know about the new Medtronic Enlite sensor? It's stuck in FDA redtape as far as I know. No one at Medtronic will tell me anything, I just read about it online. It's already approved and being used around the world. If I can achieve your daughters A1C I would be over the moon with joy.

  4. how did you get the cgm on the nhs? i cant even get the pump at the moment i didnt even know cgm was available on the nhs for children? could you please give me some advice on it :) and well done :)