Friday, 12 August 2011

A Typical Week !!


What a week, my beloved Disco Dolly (discovery) broke down at the nature reserve! Was I alone? Oh no I had my 5 girls plus my friends daughter Mariella. I called the AA, they were lovely but could not guarantee that they could get there before 5.30 when the Nature Reserve Closed. Brockholes nature Reserve, Junction 31 off the M6. It is an amazing place with fantastic staff. They have gluten free food.

I was told to make my car secure and get a taxi home!! So I sent Isabella to ask the staff if I could leave my car over night. They were brilliant, they towed my car into the secure compound and gave us a lift home in the mini bus. What an adventure. Sadly Disco Dolly has to be sold soon as she is costing too much money.


No car & it was raining, the children trashed the house in a very special way. Claudia was hypo, hypo , hypo all day even though she did nothing but spectate the damage her little sisters were doing.


Donald and I chose our teams, as we only had 1 car and Claudia had her review at Leeds Hospital. He got Bella, Purdey & Darcy. I got Felicity & Claudia. (victory to me). As usual Leeds were amazing, helpful and full of great tips. Hba1c was actually 6.3 !! Amazing considering Claudia had been in Hospital recently. As usual I was in panic mode praying for a good Hba1c. Celebrated with a McDonald latte & wrap. Only stalled Donald's truck twice.

All her annual bloods were clear, however 1 of her Coeliac Test showed a very faint positive but the other was completely clear. I know that this is due to eating out. However I feel that I don't want to stop dining out as the family is often restricted. Claudia has really started to grow for the first time in many years. Her hair is really thick, she has grown 2 shoes sizes in 6 months.


My turn for a Hospital appointment. I took my sister with me Managed to loose all my little people for a few hours.Good news Disco Dolly was fixed.(expensive ouch).
My sister and I decided to research more of our family tree.


Collected Disco Dolly, I have so missed having a car. Especially with having 5 children, who have a better social life than me.
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Well I feel I am surviving another summer holiday with 5 children, Type 1 & Coeliac . Taking huge deep breaths as I know Claudia's insulin requirements will all change when she goes back to school.
I have already ordered all the supplies school will require.

I also decided to give Claudia more Independence and control with her Diabetes care. She will be in year 6 in September and will need to be ready for High School. Sadly most High Schools expect our children to be able manage their own care.(crazy!!) She  has been amazing, carb counting at friends & whilst eating out, today for the first time she actually changed her cannula. I am very proud of her.

I often look back & reflect how on earth do we all manage? Most day's it like a scene from a Carry On Film in our house. In fact I think I should make a film "Carry On Diabetes"
 It would be sad but funny.

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