Thursday, 29 September 2011

Bassetlaw Hospital Worksop Nottinghamshire! Shame On You!!!

In this day and age surely we shouldn't have to go it alone with such a complex condition as Type 1 Diabetes?

Sadly that is the case!!!

Ron Calvert Chief Executive; His statement on services.

Every member of staff contributes to patient care, and has a personal stake in our future success. Success depends on our ability to work together, to do things right first time and in ways that reflect the needs and the wishes of the people we serve.

 Your Health Our Services 2009-2014 sets out our future direction and strategic goals. Achieving our objectives demands leadership, inspiration, confidence and teamwork, backed up by effective communication and staff involvement throughout the Trust.

Clinical effectiveness and financial efficiency go together. Our success as a Trust depends on the standards and quality of patient services, the way in which we work, and the people who provide those services. Commitment to effectiveness and efficiency, and co-operation with our

partners, volunteers, members, and governors, will ensure that we deliver these goals for patients.

This is what is happening  in reality to 1 of it's services

Bassetlaw Hospital Worksop, Nottinghamshire

Type 1 diabetic children in the Bassetlaw area have been left without a Specialist Paediatric Diabetic Nurse meaning that nearly 70 children will be missing out on vital treatment and support. DSNs play a vital role in preventing expensive complications, in supporting our children who complex needs and, critically, in providing primary care teams with specialist expertise that reduces emergency hospital appointments. This service has been taken away from us without consultation and without informing the patients carers about this.

My son Andrew, now aged 4, was diagnosed with the condition in August last year and I am gathering support to campaign for a full-time DSN to be appointed. It is a real worry being left without the support of a DSN, we now have no-one to call on if we have any problem with the care of our son. Our DSN has recently helped us train up our sons school to deal with his condition and we now no longer have the support for follow up training. As Andrew is on an insulin pump we relied on our DSN if we had any problems with the pump as this is a very specialised area and the DSN is the only person who was available to us on a day to day basis who has in depth knowledge of this equipment. What do we do now??

To make matters worse, we have not been informed by the Children's Services that the DSN has now finished, this vital service has been withdrawn and we as parents have only found out through word of mouth. We have been given no advice on who we can now call if we need the services of a DSN or who to contact if we have a query with with our sons Diabetic care. I have personally contacted Mr James Scott, General Manager of Children's Services who had promised to keep me informed of any development but have as yet had no notification of whats actually happening.

My little brother needs specialist care.

We have now contacted our local mp who we hope will give us support in this matter.

We will also be hoping to gather support nationally through a face book campaign – please search for Campaign for a PDSN for Bassetlaw and show your support.

By Samantha Bain Ferrol

Show your support by liking this page;

Please email the people below:         General Manager of Children's Services    Board Of Directors

Together we can raise awareness and support each other across the country to ensure that local services are being delivered.

They are now stating they have cover for a few days a week. However with 70 children a full time DSN should be available!!


  1. That is horrendous. We have a few hundred kids all with one over worked DSN who is basically only able to provide services to newly diagnosed and emergencies. I Find it hard having only this nominal support. But to have none at all. I hope you get that fixed. Have you contacted DiabetesUK yet? I think DSNs are one of their campaign issues at the moment in their Parliamentary lobbying.

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