Thursday, 8 September 2011

September Madness

Well what can I say, the start of September is always wild! Uniforms, new shoes, PE kits, stationary, packed lunches or school lunches. After 6 weeks of complete freedom and chaos I had to get my 5 lovelies in some kind of order. More importantly I get my act together for the mammoth task below.

Then we have the Diabetes, Coeliac  & Allergy check list!!!

mmmm what shall I have to treat my hypo?

Glucose Tablets
Apple Juice( 36 ) (OCD)
Glucose Drink
Jelly Babies (gluten free) just in case we have a refusal of the above
Gluten Fee Crackers
BG Meter, Spare BG Meter
2 Finger Prickers
3 Boxes Of BG Strips
3 Spare Cannulas
Novo Pen (In case pump fails)
Novo Rapid & Levemir for School Fridge
Glugagen Kit
Care Plan Update(actually school asked me, they are fab)

Me Coeliac No! I have a disease.

School are kindly providing Gluten Free lunches. I provide them with a few items at the start of each term.

Pizza Bases

In true Isabella style she didn't want to take them into school, so Donald did. I asked her if she had told her new form teacher that she was Coeliac. She said "nooooo !! I said "would you like me to tell her? "Noooo said Isabella. I then said "Well how are you going to manage ?" Isabella said " well if she hands out sweets and chocolate that are not gluten free, I will just say no, I have a disease"!! I looked at her and said " are you serious?" We both started to laugh. I said "can you imagine your teachers face if you just said I have a disease. More laughter followed. Isabella finds living with Coeliac Disease very difficult, but I am so glad we can laugh together about it.


Care Plan for her allergies.

Antihistamines for her food allergies

She has been recently diagnosed with Seborrheic Dermatitis, which just affects her face and appears to be triggered by the sunlight. we have been given 2 different types of cream to apply!

It's at this point it really hits home what quirky genetics we have in our family.

The only thing that's quirky with me is my dress sense.

I have 4 lovelies back at school, it's so quiet. It's just Purdey & me.

Mum we have so much fun, it's great how you do everything I say

Why do I have that feeling that I have missed something!!

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  1. Madness indeed! It's so much work to get the kids ready for school! Good luck to you and them as they start a new year!

    Beautiful photos of your girls!