Saturday, 10 September 2011

Sir Steve Redgrave, Cellnovo & Our Children With Type 1

I Got To Hold Sir Steve's Medals!!
Couldn't Help Myself I Had To Get The Type 1 Awareness Poster In the Photo

What a refreshing change and an opportunity of a life time!!

Wednesday 7th September 2011, will be a day Claudia and I will never forgot. It was like a breath of fresh air. We were invited to an event hosted by Cellnovo to row with Sir Steve Redgrave. Wow! were my initial thoughts.

This set me thinking(unusual I know) no medical company has ever hosted an event like this before!!
The opportunity to view their product & hold it, yes hold it. Combined with rowing at the 2012 Olympic venue with Sir Steve Redgrave, the only word to describe it was AWESOME.

All the staff from Cellnovo were just fantastic with our children.
What really touched my heart: they had even catered for Claudia as she has coeliac disease and requires a gluten free diet. You should have seen Claudia's little face light up, when she realised she could have a burger and some chicken like everyone else. Priceless.

I have always been a massive fan of the Cellnovo pump,since the day I first saw it. However after spending the day with the team from Cellnovo we definitely want one, not just because of it's size, cutting edge funky technology and looks but add into that the dedicated team who want to interact and speak to families with Type 1 it's a winning combination.

To top it all I met some of my friends off facebook and made new friends. We all know life with a child who has type 1 can be very lonely, not many people understand what a complex condition it is. So being able to non stop gossip to people all day who understood was fab!!

In fact Tracy Ryman, Lesley from Input and I are such gossips we were the last ones there. Meanwhile Claudia and Chloe were playing football with the Cellnovo Team.

The most powerful message is: As service users we are perfectly capable of making an informed choice when it comes to the medical equipment our children need. The other medical companies need to follow the president Cellnovo have set. We want the opportunity to touch and see the medical devices available for our children, not just when they are delivered to our door or hospital.

Claudia, Chloe with Bill McKeon
Chief Executive Officer
Board of Directors
Team Redgrave Rowing At The 2012 Olympic Venue.


  1. Wow wat an awesome day you must of all had. Ive never heard of that pump but lets hope Claudia can get one. xx

  2. Its so nice when good things happen to good people. I wish you and Cellnovo the best.

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